Many fans were stunned when nude images of Kristen Stewart, 27, and Stella Maxwell, 27, were leaked to various websites following a phone hack last week. Among the photos in questions were of Victoria’s Secret model inside the bathroom with the actress.

Attorney Scott Whitehead, Stewart’s lawyer, has already sent a letter to the websites and claimed that the posting the unconsented pictures of his client is a violation of copyright laws since no one gave their permission to share. Recently, the couple was seen driving around Los Angeles in the wake of nude photos scandal.

Stewart and Maxwell cruising L.A.

Daily Mail reported that Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell were all smiles when they were sighted driving around Hollywood on Thursday, August 24, amid their latest scandal. Showing off her spiked up blonde hair, the actress was seen wearing a white top and a gold-colored sunglasses.

Maxwell, for her part, was spotted in the passenger seat along with an adorable-looking dog on her lap. The pair was having a good time after threatening legal action against pornography sites that published their private photos.

Stewart previously revealed to W Magazine that she is very open about embracing nudity. "I think people are a little too f--king weird about it, to be honest, but that’s kind of why I was like, ‘I’ll do it,” Robert Pattinson’s ex-girlfriend told the publication.

However, Kristen Stewart does not tolerate people or organizations publishing illegally-obtained photos. Aside from Stella Maxwell and her girlfriend, other celebrities such as Katharine McPhee, Miley Cyrus, and Tiger Woods were also targeted by the hackers.

Robert Pattinson desperately wants to reunite with his ex-girlfriend?

Meanwhile, Blasting News previously reported that Robert Pattinson wants to make a new movie with Kristen Stewart to redeem his failing career. Speculations about the possible R-Stew reunion sparked after Lionsgate co-chairman Patrick Wachsberger teased there might be a new “Twilight” movie coming soon.

However, Stewart was quick to deny the claims as she does not see any reason to get reunited with her ex-boyfriend. The 27-year-old actress even said that she is ready to move on from being Bella Swann.

There were also reports that said Stewart is avoiding Pattinson as she does not want to cause trouble between her ex-beau and FKA Twigs. Up until now, both Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have yet to comment on these claims.

Therefore, fans of the former love team should take these speculations lightly until everything is proven true and correct. Stay tuned for more news and updates about Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Stella Maxwell and FKA Twigs!