Following her 90-day hiatus last year, Selena Gomez is finally breaking her silence about her mental health that forced her to cancel her “Revival” World Tour. As the cover girl for InStyle’s September issue, Gomez also opened up about her love life.

Last year, Gomez surprised her fans when she suddenly took a 90-day break from all the glitz and glam of showbiz. At the time, she also canceled her concert tour to enter a rehab facility and deal with the side effects of her Lupus, including mental health struggles and depression.

Mental health, hiatus, and comeback

In her exclusive interview with the magazine’s editor-in-chief Laura Brown, the 25-year-old “Hands to Myself” singer revealed that she had stayed at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles for three months. As per her explanation, Gomez decided to live at the hotel because she was going through some difficult challenges in her life.

After going through some hardships and mental health issues, which include depression, panic attacks, and anxiety, the “Fetish” singer admitted that she’s now in a very “healthy place.” She added that the 90-day hiatus helped her a lot, saying it was the “best thing” she had done. Even though she was scared and still needs to go to therapy, Gomez admitted that she learned a lot from the experience.

Following her treatment, Gomez made a newsworthy comeback on the red carpet of the American Music Awards in November. But despite being used to the showbiz realm, Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend confessed that her return was “overwhelming,” confessing she could even feel her back sweating at the time.

Insecurities and social media

Selena Gomez entered the entertainment industry at such a young age. However, the former Disney child star does not recommend it. In the interview, Gomez also explained her insecurities are what she worked on in therapy the most. Social media also made it difficult for her because of the negativities and the pressures.

Even though it’s good to be connected, Gomez stressed that there are also people who will try to bring you down. When it comes to what she shares on social media, the “Kill Em with Kindness” hitmaker confessed that she’s only sharing the things that she wants to.

Love life

When it comes to her love life, Gomez, who is currently dating The Weeknd aka Abel Tesfaye, has also her own share of highs and lows. In fact, fans and showbiz insiders followed SelGo’s on-and-off again relationship with her first public boyfriend, Justin Bieber.

But now, Bieber is history and the man who is currently making Gomez happy is Tesfaye. She told Brown that she doesn’t want a boyfriend to complete her. She also revealed that she’s “lucky” to have Tesfaye as he’s more of a “best friend” to her.

Gomez also admitted that in the past, she’d easily get influenced and feel insecure. But she stressed that her happiness does not depend on “one area” of her life.

Saying ‘no’ and being ambitious

Aside from her love life, Gomez also shared some insights on learning how to speak up for herself. Thanks to the “power of saying no,” the “Bad Liar” songstress always feels empowered by saying it. She, however, emphasized that she doesn’t mean to disrespect but only wants honesty.

There are a lot of things under Gomez’s plate right now — from new singles, an upcoming album to some exciting fashion projects like her collaboration with Coach. So, when Brown asked her about how ambitious she is, she honestly responded that she is, indeed, “very” ambitious in every aspect of her life.

She added that she wanted to become better and that she’s not afraid to commit mistakes.