Kate and Jon Gosselin's most recent blow up ended with their 13-year-old daughter Hannah injured and taken by an ambulance to the hospital. Reports from Wetpaint state that the former husband and wife reality duo got into one of their nastiest fights yet, and this time someone was physically hurt!

How the Gosselin kids are being hurt by their parents

The celebrity news site reveals that on August 15th, Jon And Kate both attended an orthodontist appointment for their daughter Hannah. Things began to escalate between Jon and Kate after the appointment when the bickering exes entered into a heated battle over who Hannah would be going home with.

In Touch magazine just so happened to arrive on the scene catching the entire brawl on film. The video reveals that Hannah hopped into Jon Gosselin's car against Kate's wishes and Kate began physically trying to pull the teenager from the vehicle by her arm during the argument. Hannah became very upset and began screaming and crying hysterically as she fought against her mother from removing her from Jon's car.

Kate Gosselin has been investigated for child abuse many times

Wetpaint reports that Hannah is seen on video, while police officers watched yelling "No! Stop, please stop! Let go of me, Mommy!"The family dispute supposedly lasted for three hours before police officers on the scene called an ambulance to check out Hanna Gosselin's arm.

Hannah was transported to a nearby hospital where she was treated for an injured arm. While at the hospital, Kate Gosselin reportedly told every hospital employee on the scene that her ex-husband Jon Gosselin was a "danger" to their child.

The situation is really bad for all involved. Imagine the scene, Kate is pulling at Hannah, while Jon was reportedly telling their daughter to "hold on" to the car and "fight it" if she did not want to go home with her mother.

The entire thing had to be a traumatic power struggle for Kate, Jon, and Hannah.

Many Gosselin fans continue to be torn between Kate and Jon, so we can just imagine how the children all feel during these difficult times. As parents, many believe Jon and Kate both handled things badly. However, Hannah is a 13-year-old who could be working each parent against each other to get her way at the moment.

The Gosselin children know Mom and Dad do not get along, so igniting a situation could be one way of getting attention from both parents, regardless of the negative and legal outcome. Over the years there have been numerous reports from celebrity media outlets regarding Kate and Jon's hatred for each other. As recently reported, the two have been through court battle after court battle when it comes to custody and support for their eight kids.

It was recently revealed that Kate Gosselin had been investigated numerous times for child abuse claims filed against her over the years by Jon. Kate claims that each case was "unfounded" however the accusations made were very unsettling, and it doesn't appear as if Jon and Kate Gosselin are going to be settling any of their differences anytime in the near future.

What do you think about Jon and Kate Gosselin's behavior in this situation?