SM Entertainment released the final music video teaser for the most anticipated comeback of the year and most likely the biggest comeback of the decade. The full details of Girls’ Generation's new album has also been revealed.

‘All Night’ music video teaser

SM Entertainment revealed the last teaser for Girl’ Generation's upcoming comeback and it is the music video teaser for their second title track, “All Night,” which was written by Kenzie. The song is an up-tempo dance song that has lyrics describing how it feels to fall in love in the summer.

The teaser clips that were released for each member were taken from the music video of “All Night.” Prior to this teaser’s release, the agency also released the music video teaser for “Holiday,” which is the girl group’s other main song.

The group’s youngest member, Seohyun, participated in the writing of the lyrics for “Holiday.” The agency also just confirmed that the two full-length music videos will be revealed on August 4 along with the release of the digital version of their “Holiday Night” album.

‘Holiday Night’ album details

SM Entertainment announced that the digital version of the girl group’s new album will be released on August 4 at 6:00 PM (KST), while the physical album will be released on August 7. “Holiday Night” is Girls’ Generation’s sixth full album and it has been two years since they released any new material as a group, so fans are waiting for their return to the music scene.

Their new album will consist of 10 new songs, including the title tracks, “Holiday” and “All Night.” SM Entertainment described “All Night” as a dance song while “Holiday” will be the perfect summer anthem because of its up-beat portrayal of the girls’ emotions over the 10th anniversary of their debut.

The titles of the rest of the new songs were revealed prior to the official release of the sixth album. “FAN,” “Only One,” “Girls Are Back,” “One Last Time,” “Sweet Talk,” “Love Is Bitter,” “It’s You,” and “Light Up The Sky” are the other eight new tracks.

Just like their other albums, “Holiday Night” boasts various songs that will highlight each member’s vocal prowess.

"Girls Are Back” is an up-beat song that has several rap parts, while “Sweet Talk” is a powerful song.

The girls’ “One Last Time” is an R&B song, which sounds different from their usual songs. Of course, they’ll have the signature songs that only Girls’ Generation can deliver, with songs like “Love is Bitter,” and “Only One.”