It’s sad and unfortunate thatGirl Meets WorldSeason 4 has officially been canceled. Disney Channel officially made this announcement sometime earlier this year, that they won’t be renewing the show for any new seasons. The show’s first three seasons garnered a lot of attention as well. Therefore, it is difficult for the fans to understand as to why Disney decided to do away with the show altogether.

Nothing is confirmed yet

Before and after the announcement was made, the showrunners and producers were heavily-speculated to be considering signing a new contract with another broadcaster altogether.

In other words, even though Disney Channel wasn’t willing to take up the responsibility of funding the filming of “Girl Meets World” season 4, the show-runners would probably approach another entertainment content streaming platform for the same. However, there were no further developments made available for the show, on that matter. At the same time, the fans did not stop hoping. Just last month, Michael Jacobs (co-creator of the show) confirmed that he can’t see any of the networks actually reaching out to fund the filming of “Girl Meets World” season 4. He further went on to add that this doesn’t necessarily mean that there is no possible story idea for the same. Since Disney Channel was out of the question, it seems like the showrunners finally approached Netflix for a deal.

Rumors regarding the Netflix streaming

For reasons unknown, the deal between show-runners of the show and Netflix didn’t exactly work out and therefore, the idea was eliminated. Several reports indicated that this occurred not because Netflix had any personal reason against “Girl Meets World,” but Netflix is, in general, on a show-cancelling spree.

The video-streaming platform has up till canceled over five TV shows including “Girlboss,” “Sense8,” “Bloodline” and “The Get Down.” Several media publications tried reaching out to Netflix to find out the reason for their latest activity, however, the company did not provide any comments regarding the matter.

While practically, the show cannot be seen as taking place, Michael Jacobs keeps tweeting possible ideas of the show, thereby leading fans to believe that there might a small ray of hope for the show.

According to a report published by Inquisitr, Jacobs earlier last year apparently tweeted that season 4 might show characters like Farkle, Lucas, and Zay becoming better friends with Riley and Maya. It will be an interesting turn to watch the group get along well.