Earlier this year, show-creator Michael Hirst confirmed that History Channel had officially sanctioned the making of “Vikings” Season 5. Following the confirmation, leaks and speculations regarding the Upcoming show started emerging online almost immediately. Fans started guessing as to what exactly will take place next. Now, it seems like the first official images from the filming of the fifth season of “Vikings” have finally emerged for public viewing.

Show is under production

According to a report published by Entertainment Weekly, the filming is currently taking place in certain regions of Sahara desert in Western Ireland.

The cast has even ascended to certain regions of Morocco for the filming as well. The location is undoubtedly exquisite as can be seen in the images. The whole vibe from the pictures is turning out to be quite impressive. This has only further added to the excitement of the fans. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any word on when exactly the show’s sixth season will be premiering. Several reports suggest that “Vikings” season 5 will probably debut in autumn that is towards the end of this year. There are multiple speculations that claim that the production for the upcoming fifth season has already wrapped up as well. The upcoming season is going to consist of 20 episodes.

What happening up till now

“Vikings” Season 4 ended with a rather sad note. King Ragnar and King Ecbert met their respective demises towards the end of the season. Their son was seen going their own way after that, with no indication as to whether they will get back to their enemies for revenge. Ivar, on the other hand, was seen taking up a dangerous character.

His dreams of conquering the whole of England were brought to life. At the same time, Bjorn has started his journey towards the Mediterranean. This has led many fans to wonder whether they will be seeing more of Bjorn in “Vikings” season 5. However, since it is known that the cast and crew members of “Vikings” season 5 are already filming in the Mediterranean, it is safe to assume that Bjorn is pretty much a part of the show.

The finale episode of “Vikings” season 4 also saw the introduction of another character, Heahmund. Heahmund, who is a warrior bishop, is being played by the famous actor, Jonathan Rhys Meyers. It is widely believed that the character will be playing an important role in the upcoming season as well. None of the above-given information has been attested by the show-runners as of yet.