Spoiler alerts indicate that Steve Burton's return to "General Hospital" is really going to stir things up, and the mystery surrounding his character will not be cleared up for about nine months. The big question is if he will be the real Jason or portray someone else. Sam may have given viewers a clue on Tuesday when she was talking to Dr. Andre Maddox.

Did Sam give viewers a clue or was this done to throw them off

On Tuesday, as Sam was preparing to leave "General Hospital" she received a visit from Dr. Andre Maddox. He told her that because of the hallucinations she experienced she may want to talk to a professional.

As they were ending their conversation, she said that she did need to talk to someone because something had been different with Jason since he came back home. Was this a hint that Billy Miller's character is a fake, and that Steve Burton will return to be the true Jason Morgan?

There is no way to know if this was a clue, or if the writers were simply trying to build excitement. Spoiler alerts say that viewers are torn between the two men who have portrayed Jason. Some want Billy Miller to remain, while others believe Steve Burton should return to the role he originated. Burton chose to leave "General Hospital," and Miller has now made the part his own. Is it really fair to push him aside now that Steve Burton wants back in?

Time will indeed tell in this situation

Steve Burton is scheduled to return to "General Hospital;" in October. If spoiler alerts are correct and it takes nine months for this story to unravel, it will be next July before the truth is known. That's a long time to keep viewers in suspense, so the writers must have something that will hold their attention for that period of time.

There are no rumors of Billy Miller leaving the show, so obviously there is room for them both, but who will end up with Sam?

Jason is different because he is being portrayed by a different actor, so whatever Sam has noticed has been overlooked by the fans. They have accepted Miller and moved on, believing any quirks are because Helena programmed him.

If Miller, however, is not the real Jason, how will they explain the way Sam and Danny were both drawn to him when he first came to town?

There is also the issue of the very real memories Jason had of him and his wife together. There is no way Helena could program those because she was not around when they took place. Viewers can only keep watching and paying attention to find out if Sam was giving a hint that the man she now believes is her husband is an imposter.