George and amal clooney have recently revealed their new partnership with Unicef. The couple has collaborated their own organization with Unicef and have offered a generous donation to help build seven new schools in Lebanon for refugees. These schools will help an estimated 3000 refugees to get the education that they need to succeed in the world. Google has also contributed a large donation of their own to the cause.

Clooney and wife's organization partners with Unicef

According to People Magazine, george clooney and his wife Amal Clooney own an organization titled the "Clooney Foundation for Justice." They have recently announced their decision to partner their company with Unicef in order to provide Syrian refugees the opportunity to go to school.

The couple will help to open seven schools in Amal Clooney's birthplace of Lebanon.

George and Amal have offered a massive donation to Unicef totaling $2.25 million from their company as well as a further $1 million from Google who also want to help out with the situation. According to Step Feed, these seven new schools with help to provide education to about 3000 refugees in Lebanon and help them to receive the education that they deserve.

The Clooney's comment on their decision

George and Amal Clooney have both come forward with statements about their involvement with the situation in Lebanon. They have stated that they have been working to help refugees for a long time. Amal opened up about her family's own experience as refugees stating that when she was a child, they had to run away because of war and were lucky enough to be accepted by a European country.

There is no doubt that Amal's personal experience has contributed to the couples desire to help these refugees get the education that they need. The couple also stated that thousands of refugees are at risk at not being productive members of society and all they want to do is afford them this opportunity in their lives.

A spokesperson from Unicef has stated that George and Amal are helping future generations with their generosity and their help.

The couple expressed their desire not to lose a generation of Syrian refugees simply because they were not offered the same opportunities as the rest of the world.

George and Amal Clooney have made no further statement about their partnership, but it is clear that this cause is extremely close to their hearts and minds. Fans have praised the couple for offering their help to the Syrian refugees and for raising awareness about the cause.