It may take a while before “Game of Thrones” fans get a fresh episode of HBO’s epic series, and the season 7 finale definitely left a lot of cliffhangers. Among the burning questions in fans’ minds is why Tyrion Lannister seemed worried about the development of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen’s relationship.

Secret deal

It can be recalled that Tyrion was the one who saved the day when negotiations for a truce among the remaining leaders of Westeros broke down. Cersei Lannister was initially open to the idea of an armistice if the King of the North will not side with her or with Daenerys until the threat of the White Walkers is resolved.

However, Jon, who was raised by his father Ned Stark’s principles, has already pledged allegiance with Daenerys Targaryen and admitted that he cannot comply with Cersei’s condition. This led to Cersei withdrawing from an agreement to fight the White Walkers along with the northerners and Daenerys’ army.

In an effort to salvage the deal, Tyrion bravely volunteers to talk to his sister to get her to change her mind. During their discussion, Tyrion manages to air his side of events in the deaths of his father and Cersei’s children. He also discovers that she is pregnant again.

At the end of their talk, Cersei pledges that the Crown will march alongside the northerners and Daenerys’ Unsullied, Dothraki Blood Riders, and the dragons to fight against the Night King and his army.

It was revealed later in the episode that Cersei never meant to honor her pledge and actually conspired with Euron Greyjoy to bring the Golden Company from Essos in preparation for her war against Daenerys. Upon learning this, Jamie abandons his sister to head north to fight alongside the rest of the living.

Tyrion’s expression

Fans have wondered why Tyrion seemed sad as he watched Jon enter Daenerys’ chamber where they became intimate for the first time. Some wondered whether Tyrion, like Ser Jorah and Jon, has fallen for the Mother of Dragons but a fan theory posted on Roulette Gallery hints that Tyrion’s dilemma may not be as simple as unrequited love.

The theory posits that Tyrion may have brokered a ceasefire with Cersei, knowing how his sister feels about her family. The theory hinted that Tyrion may have told Cersei that Daenerys could not bear any children leaving the succession to the throne open for a Lannister heir. Tyrion may have promised Cersei that if she were to help with the war against the White Walkers, he might convince Daenerys to make Cersei’s child the next King or Queen of the Realm.

However, this deal may hit a snag if Jon and Daenerys have a baby and an heir to the throne. As Daenerys has been foretold that she will be betrayed three times (for blood, gold, and love), that last betrayal could very well come from Tyrion, who still harbors love for his family despite all they have done to him.

Dany has been betrayed by Mirri Maz Duur (blood) in season 1 when her son was killed to save Khal Drogo while Ser Jorah betrayed her by selling information about her to Varys in the earlier seasons of the show.