Who is the girl who knocked on Cersei's door in the third episode of "Game of Thrones" season 7? She may look like a new character, but she has actually been around since season 2. Here is Bernadette's story and a few scenes that she was featured in from the previous seasons of "GOT."

Bernadette in 'The Queen's Justice'

In "The Queen's Justice," Cersei gives the kiss of death to Tyene while Ellaria Sand is watching, condemning the Dornish woman to rot in the King's Landing's dungeon with only the company of her dead daughter. After her revenge, Cersei apparently gets a little aroused and reaches Jaime in his room.

After a long time, the two spend a night of passion together.

The next morning, Cersei and Jaime are in bed, with Jaime looking at his sister like she is the sweetest and most adorable woman in the world. Somebody knocks at the door and Jaime warns Cersei not to open it, as nobody should see them in such a situation. But Cersei has become too powerful to care about gossip. She opens the door and sees Bernadette. Her personal maid informs her that the man from the Iron Bank of Braavos has arrived.

She's a loyal little spy

Don't be fooled by the changes in Bernadette's look. We've seen her several times. Remember when Sansa had her first period in the second season of "Game of Thrones" and she was afraid that the Queen would find out that she was a woman?

Well, in that very scene, Shae helps Sansa change the sheets and a gracious young girl enters the room -- Bernadette, with a different hairstyle and a genuine desire to serve Cersei Lannister.

In that scene, Bernadette goes to inform Cersei, and Shae follows her and threatens her with a knife. Shortly after, Sansa is summoned by Cersei, who obviously knows what happened.

You can watch the Bernadette scene from season 2 below:

In season 3, Bernadette is in a scene in which Tyrion enters Sansa's room in King's Landing to tell the Stark about the upcoming wedding between them. But the most important scene with Bernadette took place in the fourth season of the show when Cersei's gracious servant discovers the secret relationship between Shae and Tyrion Lannister.

Just like she did in season 2, Bernadette literally runs to tell Cersei what she discovered. You can see her interrupt Cersei and Jaime's conversation at the end of the following clip:

Bernadette's information has huge consequences: Tywin Lannister starts sleeping with Shae, Shae testifies in Tyrion's trial, and both Shae and Tywin are killed by Tyrion.

Bernadette also appeared in a few scenes from "GOT" season 6. She's the one who tells Cersei of Myrcella's return from Sunspear.

'GOT' season 7: Bernadette returns

She may not be the Hand of the Queen or one of Cersei's most important allies, but she's Cersei's personal maid now, and the queen apparently trusts her. And honestly, how could you not promote a servant that's so loyal that she copies your haircut? Fans can't wait to see Bernadette again in "Game of Thrones" season 7.