Fox News is facing another sex scandal. The United States news channel has suspended news host Eric Bolling, as investigations into claims that he sent unsolicited sex texts to three female co-workers are probed, the BBC reported.

Fox suspends show

After the scandal-hit company announced that it had suspended Bolling, a fourth woman, Caroline Heldman, stepped forward to claim that the news anchor sexually harassed her. Heldman, a former Fox guest, stated that Bolling acted inappropriately towards her on several occasions between 2008 and 2011.

Bollin's show 'Cashin' in' was removed from the Fox programme lineup on Saturday.

The show was pulled from the air after three female staff said the anchor sent images of male genitalia to them a few years ago. The three women worked at Fox Business Network and Fox News when Bolling sent them the alleged inappropriate photos.

The ladies, who prefer not to be named, stated they recognized the Fox News anchor's number when they received the images after encountering him at the company's offices. One of the victims said that she responded to the Fox News host and asked him never to send her photos again. Bolling did not respond to her request.

Coming out after the claims from the three women leaked out, Ms. Heldiman said that Bolling, a married father-of-one, put her through sexual harassment and discrimination based on gender.

Heldman said that the acts took place when she appeared as a guest on Fox Business and Fox news.

Heldman, a professor of politics, told her Facebook fans that the fifty-four-year-old suspended Fox host used to call her 'Doctor McHottie.' He also once revealed to her that his office was his favorite place to engage in sex.

Not the first sexual harassment scandal at Fox

Speaking on Saturday, a spokesperson for Fox News said that Bolling had been suspended pending the outcome of an investigation, which has already begun. The suspended host denies the allegations. Speaking to The Huffington Post, Michael Bowe, Bolling's attorney, said that he and his client would vigorously pursue legal reparations for any false or defamatory accusations that are made.

The Huffington Post stated that they had interviewed fourteen sources at Fox Business and Fox News to confirm the charges against Bolling. However, the sources insisted on anonymity, because they still work at the network, or are afraid of breaking confidentiality agreements.

The investigation into the sexual harassment claims is being carried out by Paul Weiss, the law firm which dealt with previous sexual harassment claims made against former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, and against Bill O'Reilly, a former host at the news company. Ailes resigned in July last year, after Gretchen Carlson, a former host at Fox News, filed a sexual harassment claim against him.

Ailes was also accused by former Fox anchors Megan Kelly and Andrea Tantaros. He died in May at the age of seventy-seven.