On Saturday night, Floyd Mayweather defeated Conor McGregor in the 10th round. He scored a TKO victory over the UFC fighter. After doing the post-interviews, Mayweather headed over to Girl Collection in Las Vegas.

Not only did Mayweather party in style, but he arrived at Girl Collection in style. He arrived at the club in a 2012 Bugatti Grand Sport Convertible, which is worth over $2 million.

It's no surprise that Mayweather threw a party at Girl Collection. He is set to bank over $300 million for his fight with McGregor. As for McGregor, he is also set to make millions.

Mayweather showing what he was up to

Mayweather took to Instagram to show off what he was doing to celebrate his win. The boxer's 17+ million followers got to see what he was doing at Girl Collection.

In a video, dancers at Girl Collection can be seen on stage performing. Meanwhile, Mayweather is shown in the corner of the club, having a grand ole time. Also, Mayweather filmed someone throwing a bunch of cash into the air as fans are celebrating.

Partied for a couple of hours

Mayweather partied for about two hours. Afterwards, he left Girl Collection while the police showed up to control the crowd that had gathered in front of it. There was no shortage of people trying to get a glimpse of the boxer.

Fans obviously knew where Mayweather would be. It was just last week when the boxer appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show to speak about the fight. During the interview, he was asked what his plans were afterward. Mayweather announced that he'd be going to his Strip Club, which he describes as having a collection of the best looking girls from around the globe, hence the name Girl Collection.

Mayweather also told Kimmel about what he got into the strip club business. He said he opened Girl Collection because music, alcohol, and women will never go out of style. He said men will always be attracted to women.

McGregor partied too

McGregor also partied. However, he didn't do it at a strip club. Instead, the UFC fighter went to Encore Beach Club, where he spent a few hours with fans.

He arrived there around three in the morning, and he provided his entourage with free drinks, which valued at over $70,000.

It appears that the fight was a huge success. Mayweather said that he thinks he and McGregor gave fans what they wanted and that he chose the right person to fight in his last bout ever. He added that he owed his fans for the Manny Pacquiao fight and that he had to fight McGregor straight on if he wanted to give fans a show.