Many "Game of Thrones" fans were delighted that the creepy, overambitious, and scheming Littlefinger met his end at the hands of the surviving members of a great House he mercilessly helped destroy so that he can “move up the ladder.”

Comedienne Leslie Jones certainly was impressed by it.

However, there may be a few out there who felt sorry for the late Lord Petyr Baelish. That is fine as long as you don’t post your sympathies on Twitter where for some remote possibility, Sophie Turner would read them and go after you like a hungry direwolf.

Sort of.

That was exactly what Twitter user Hanna Loren found out when she (he) posted tweets making sense of and justifying Littlefinger’s vile machinations to sow chaos so that he could climb up the ladder and eventually get to the Iron Throne.

Littlefinger never hurt Sansa

It appeared Hanna Loren had a Twitter argument with another user who tweeted “I have no sympathy to that perv. Great player of the game but perv nonetheless.” Hanna Loren took issue with the user’s interpretation of the scene, which she described as heartbreaking and “fan service.”

Subsequently, Loren posted that what the scheming Littlefinger wanted was justice because he was humiliated and looked down upon by society and that he never hurt Sansa.

This was where Sophie Turner replied the vile act Littlefinger did of selling Sansa to the Boltons who were responsible for killing her family.

Littlefinger saved Sansa and Jon

Loren again tweeted that Petyr Baelish was instrumental in the Starks taking back Winterfell and saving Jon and Sansa.

Sophie Turner replied Littlefinger did so only because Sansa asked her and he owed it to Sansa for the horror she suffered at the hands of the Boltons.

Littlefinger and Sansa

Actor Aidan Gillen who played Littlefinger explained to Den of Geek in a roundtable interview last July Lord Baelish's feelings towards Sansa.

Gillen said there were a few moments when Petyr Baelish was with Sansa that he had shown warmth, openness, and honesty.

Gillen said in those moments with Sansa, he put himself in a vulnerable position. Well, it turned out to be true because those rare moments of warmth, openness, and honesty cost him his dear life.

The Irish actor also said he anticipated from the start of "Game of Thrones" that Littlefinger’s journey will become so entwined with Sansa. That is why he always tried to show a kind of warm side. He said it was necessary to show a bit of charm, some warmth and some brightness to counter the shade and the deviousness.