Donald Trump is not happy that the mainstream media hasn't been supportive of his presidency. In his latest attempt to continue his feud with the press, the commander in chief is lashing out on social media.

Trump on NYT

Donald Trump kicked off his campaign for president back in the summer of 2015 and did so in controversial fashion. After accusing illegal immigrants from Mexico of being "rapists" and "murderers," the former host of "The Apprentice" was quickly hit with backlash from the majority of the press. Over the course of the 2016 presidential election, Trump would be on the defensive, often hitting back at select members of the media in an attempt to defend his agenda and discredit those who criticize him.

Trump made it a habit to bash celebrity critics, while highlighting news outlets like CNN for allegedly being biased against his campaign. One of Trump's top rivals in the press has been the New York Times, who he has given the derogatory nickname of "failing." In continuing his theme of smearing the well-respected news outlet, Trump vented his frustrations with the New York Times during a series of tweets on August 7.

Taking to Twitter on Monday morning was Donald Trump as the president didn't hold back his thoughts on the latest reporting from the New York Times.

"The failing New York Times, which has made every wrong prediction about me including my big election win (apologized), is totally inept!" Trump tweeted out.

In a follow-up tweet, Donald Trump continued his rant against the paper.

"The Trump base is far bigger & stronger than ever before (despite some phony Fake News polling)," Trump posted. In yet another post on his social media account, Trump went on to give a list of examples of where the media has been wrong in their assessment of his time in office, claiming that the "fake news" press has brought the base of his supporters closer together due to their alleged misinformation.

Despite the president's own words, the latest polling appears to contradict his theory.

In his final tweet on the subject, Donald Trump expanded his attack on the media to include nearly all the major news outlets with the exception of Fox News. "Hard to believe that with 24/7 #Fake News on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, NYTIMES & WAPO, the Trump base is getting stronger!" he wrote.

Next up

While Donald Trump does his best to fight back against the press while using questionable information and data to defend himself, the latest round of polling shows the billionaire real estate mogul with just a 35 percent approval rating. After just six months in office, Trump is doing his best to deflect from the reality that his administration is struggling to move forward with their agenda.