Since the official announcement that Disney is working on a new live-action movie featuring the Chinese heroine Mulan, fans have tuned in to updates about its production. A recent report stated that the Mulan live-action film will start production in January 2018.

Website My Entertainment World released details on the filming locations for the upcoming movie. The live-action film will be shot in China, New Zealand and Australia.

The original animated movie Mulan was shown in 1998. It told the story of the daughter of a Chinese military man, who replaced her father during the battle against the Huns.

She disguised as a male warrior, and joined the other military members in their training and throughout the battle.

The 1998 movie featured the voices of “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” actress Ming-Na Wen for the movie dialogues, while Broadway actress Lea Salonga became the voice behind the songs in the film. The voices of Eddie Murphy, George Takei and Donny Osmond were also featured.


Omega Underground reported that the first day of shooting was moved from springtime of 2017, which was originally the time the team would begin working on the new movie. Niki Caro will be directing the movie.

Casting for the Mulan live-action began last year, as the production team looked for an actress who could speak both English and Mandarin.

The voice behind Mulan in the animated version, Ming-Na Wen has reportedly expressed her desire to participate in the upcoming live-action movie, Screen Rant said.

Wen has performed in various movies, such as “Street Fighter” and the screen adaptation of “The Joy Luck Club.” She told Screen Rant that she is excited about the upcoming live-action film.

Musical score

The music from the original animated full-length production played a great part in the overall feel of the movie. The musical score and the songs further told the story of the Chinese heroine.

Omega Underground stated that music will also play a big role in the live-action version of the Disney animation. It has also been earlier reported that the director has confirmed that there will indeed be music in the film.

“The Mulan remake is based on the inspirational Chinese ballad and on the animated Walt Disney classic. We are still exploring the role that the musical score will play in the production, but for certain, there will be music,” the director told Screen Rant.

“Mulan” follows the other live-action remakes that Disney has made so far, which have received several positive responses from the viewers. These films include “Cinderella,” “Maleficent,” and “Beauty and the Beast.”