Tragedy struck the set of the upcoming superhero flick "Deadpool 2" as one of their female stunt actors died in one of the film's action sequences. Lead actor Ryan Reynolds was deeply saddened upon learning what happened to one of their crew.

Practice run gone wrong

Eyewitnesses claim that the stuntwoman who was identified as Joi "SJ" Harris was on a motorbike when she lost control of it as it jumped on a curb sending her flying towards the Shaw Tower and crashed through its glass. Emergency response units were deployed on the scene and treated her injuries, though the police stated that she was already dead right before help came.

Prior to the mishap, it is said that the stuntwoman was doing practice runs in preparation for the scene and it was on her fifth run where the fatal accident happened.

Reports also suggest that this was Harris' first movie as a stuntwoman where she was tapped to double for Zazie Beetz who'll be playing as the mutant Domino. It was also learned that Harris was not wearing a helmet when the accident struck as the character that she was doubling for does not wear one.

Reynolds responds

"Deadpool 2" lead actor Ryan Reynolds immediately released a statement over on Twitter about the tragic event. He stated that he was devastated and heartbroken about the misfortune that happened on set. Reynolds added that his heart pours out to the loved ones of their fallen crew alongside the lives that she touched along the way.

Director David Leitch also expressed his condolences to the family of Harris stating that the entire "Deadpool 2" crew sends out their hearts to the family of the stunt performer adding that no words can describe how he and the staff feel about the passing of a colleague.

Film studio 20th Century Fox also released a statement sending out the condolences.

Similar misfortune

A similar incident also happened in July as Stunt Actor John Bernecker died after he fell from the set of AMC's zombie series - "The Walking Dead." His cause of death was a blunt force trauma to the head after falling 30 feet and missing the safety pad by just inches as this was confirmed by the Coweta County Coroner.

The tragedy caused "TWD" Season 8's production to be put to a temporary halt, though it resumed after several days.

"Deadpool 2" also features Josh Brolin who plays as the mutant from the future named Cable. The film is slated to be released in 2018. Check out a video of the incident here: