Thousands of fans are now excited for the imminent release of the highly-anticipated “Deadpool 2” movie. Recently, sequel director David Leitch revealed the chances of tackling the lead character’s pansexuality in the upcoming second installment.

Is Blake Lively’s husband playing as a pansexual antihero?

Bleeding Cool News reported that director David Leitch has commented on the speculations that Deadpool’s sexuality is going to be explored in the sequel movie. Speaking to The Huffington Post, the American filmmaker said that everything is possible to happen but he cannot confirm nor deny if the upcoming sequels would focus on that notion.

“That’s what’s fun about Deadpool, you really don’t know and you’re willing to ask these questions about him. I think that, right there, says it all,” Leitch said. The “Deadpool 2” director added that he would respect the original movie while also allowing himself to spice it up with some twists and turns.

In a separate interview, Ryan Reynolds has also expressed his thoughts about the theories claiming that Wade Wilson is pansexual. The Canadian actor said that Deadpool could be different from other popular comic heroes like Superman and Batman.

Reynolds added that the mysterious identity of his character could be played up more in the forthcoming “Deadpool 2” movie. Speculations about Deadpool not being a straight guy sparked after Wade Wilson (Reynolds) and Vanessa Carylsle (Morena Baccarin) had an awkward sex position while celebrating International Women’s Day in the first installment.

More characters added in the upcoming sequel

Meanwhile, Ryan Reynolds has shared the first look of Domino on social media. Played by Zazie Beetz, the new sidekick in the “Deadpool 2” film is said to be a mutant with a the ability to manipulate luck. In the viral photo, Domino was seen lying on the top of Deadpool. Reports have it that the image is a parody of Burt Reynold’s famous photograph.

Aside from Zazie Beetz, Jack Kesy, Julian Dennison and Shioli Kutsana are also said to be joining the incoming “Deadpool 2” movie, Forbes reported. However, no official details about their roles have been made public up to this writing.

In other news, Rob Leifield has confirmed the tandem of Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and Cable (Josh Brolin) to the classic move “Rush Hour.” Because of this, fans cannot help but speculate that the upcoming sequel movie will be packed with thrilling and action scenes.

Deadpool 2” is scheduled to hit theatres on June 1, 2018. Stay tuned for more news and spoilers on Ryan Reynolds’ upcoming movie.