"Days of our Lives" spoilers for Thursday reveal that some big things will be happening in Salem. The episode will focus mainly on Claire Brady, Theo Carver, Kayla Johnson, Brady Black, as well as JJ and Lani. "DOOL" fans will watch as there will be some major drama between some of Salem's couples.

Theo and Claire grow closer

According to the latest "Days Of Our Lives" spoilers, Theo will be having a very hard time dealing with the fact that his father, Abe Carver, has been arrested for working with Dario Hernandez on his counterfeit money scheme.

However, as fans know, Abe is actually innocent, and has been working with Eli, Hope, and Rafe. Abe agreed to take the blame in order to catch the real criminal, Commissioner Raines. Sadly, those closest to Abe have no idea what's really going on, which has Lani, Valerie, and Theo sick with worry over Abe's well-being.

Theo worries about Abe

As the saga with Abe continues, Theo will be feeling very down and out. Cue Claire Brady. Claire and Theo have been getting close again after their break up, and it seems that they may both be considering getting back together. However, they are still friends for now, and Claire will do anything in her power to make Theo feel better during this tough time for his family.

"Days of our Lives" viewers know that Theo has already lost his mother, Lexie, and can't afford to lose another parent. Thankfully, it looks like Abe will be a free man very soon.

Lani and JJ get romantic

Meanwhile, Lani will be worried about Abe as well, but she'll have JJ to help her though the difficult time. Although their jobs and Abe's reputation is on the line, the couple will sneak away and try to get a little romantic time in.

Shocking "Days of our Lives" spoilers for the future reveal that Lani will soon find herself pregnant, but will JJ be the father of the baby? Lani has also been very close with Eli, and it seems that there could be some baby daddy drama in her future.

Steve and Kayla on the rocks

While two of Salem's couples are spending quality time together, two more will be suffering.

Kayla Johnson will open up to Valerie Grant about the relationship problems she is having with her husband, Steve. Kayla and Steve are going through a very tough time right now. Their son, Joey, has turned himself into the police for the murder of Ava Vitali, and Steve's other son, Tripp, is doing his best to make amends for the chaos he's caused within his new family. Tripp will donate a huge sum of money to the hospital in hopes of mending relatiions, but Kayla will need time if she wants to get back to trusting Steve again.

Brady and Nicole reaching the end?

All the while, "Days of our Lives" fans will see Brady Black make a shocking move when it comes to helping Nicole Walker get custody of her daughter, Holly, back.

Brady will reportedly try to bribe a court official, which could make the situation so much worse for Nicole. It seems that this relationship could be over in the very near future. Things are not going well for Brady and Nicole, and since she's on her way out of Salem very soon, it looks like it could end badly for all involved.