Georgina Rodriguez, Cristiano Ronaldo's girlfriend, has proudly shown off her Baby Bump in public as they recently posed for a photo shoot with Hola! Magazine. During their recent interview on Wednesday, the young model has finally opened up about her pregnancy for the first time. According to Entertainment Tonight, the 23-year old model has further shared how much she takes care of herself considering that she now carries their growing bundle of joy.

Family oriented

During their "Tell All" interview, Rodriguez has also revealed some facts about her.

She added that she is a family-oriented woman and she loves kids a lot. Hence, it is no surprise how happy she has been after learning that she was pregnant. To recall, Ronaldo, the soccer icon, had also confirmed the pregnancy news last month and he was happy to reveal that they are finally expecting the arrival of their fourth child.

Meanwhile, amid her pregnancy, the young model was also happy to share that she can still do her daily schedule despite the growing bump on her tummy. Further, Rodriguez also added that she is happy as she has been living her dream of being a model.

She also shared that she had worked with several luxury brands before and she has been thankful for finding a career that she has been passionate about.

During her interview, Ronaldo's girlfriend also revealed that she liked taking care of herself by engaging in certain sports and eating healthy meals.

Devoted father

Apart from their growing bundle of joy, another report from Entertainment Tonight has also confirmed that Ronaldo is already a father to a 7-year old son, Cristiano Jr.

It was also reported that he is also a father to twins named Eva Maria and Mateo. Meanwhile, Ronaldo and Rodriguez have confirmed the news about their relationship back in January.

Since then, the couple has become inseparable. For several times, both have been supportive of each other's career. Rodriguez has even attended the first red carpet event for the Best FIFA Football Awards as she supported her boyfriend.

Rodriguez has shared that Ronaldo has been a devoted and hands on father to their children. Hence, the couple is a lot excited as they expect for the arrival of their next baby. Amid their busy schedule, the young model has also made sure that both of them will still have the best of health. As she spoke to Hola! Magazine, Rodriguez revealed that they already had tried taking natural products and have avoided eating heavy and unhealthy meals.