Young actress Chloë Grace Moretz has been in the industry ever since she was little. At a young age, she already starred in countless movies, television series, music videos and even theater productions. However, the 20-year-old rising star recently revealed that she was also a victim of the alarming cases of Hollywood sexism.

Actress experienced body-shaming at a young age

Chloë Grace Moretz speaks out about Hollywood's rampant sexism. In an interview for the current week’s issue of the Power of Young Hollywood, the actress narrates her body-shaming experience.

According to Variety, the “Kick-Ass” star experienced a traumatic instance of misogyny on set.

Moretz shared her experience of being fat-shamed by one of her male co-leads while they were working together for a movie. The actor whom she refused to told Moretz that there is no chance of him dating the actress in real life. Puzzled, Moretz asked why. The actor responded by pointing out that Moretz was too big for him.

Moretz recalled how badly hurt she was with what she heard from her co-actor. She remembered crying on set and bawling to her brother who became very angry about the incident. According to the actress, the incident happened when she was still 15 years old and the actor whom she refused to name was about 25 years old.

After shedding tears, the young actress had to fix herself and return to set. Moretz recalled how difficult it was for her to play her role opposite the actor. Pretending to be in-love with someone who just hurt her feelings badly proved to be a difficult task but luckily, she managed.

Hollywood’s 'inherent' sexism

Moretz also shared her experience with a co-star who tried to sabotage her using false rumors.

According to W magazine, a younger male lead spread false rumors about Moretz around the set of a movie. The actor tried to outcast the young actress and brought up fake issues and even went as far as making things up to the movie’s director. Moretz convinced that the actor did such an awful act because he felt inferior to her because she played the lead role in the movie.

The “Suspiria” star stressed that her experiences are merely examples of the sexism that female artists have to deal with on a daily basis. As for her, she would often challenge people to give her a chance to try and audition for something. This way, she would be confident that she did what she could no, regardless of the result.

The young actress noted that women have already made notable progress in the industry. In the recent years, more and more actress play lead roles in major films while others land big spots behind the cameras. While Moretz agrees that the case has progressed, she believes that the battle to eliminate sexism is still a long way to go.