There's only a month to go before "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" season 5 premieres on FOX and with it comes the highly anticipated 99th (and 100th) episode of the Andy Samberg-led series. Throughout the last four years, the ensemble cast has shown how a perfect mix of actors and actresses can bring out the best in a comedy series. Yearly staples, such as the Halloween Heist and Christmas episodes, have been ones to look out for, as it highlights the genuine camaraderie among cast members.

Even guest star Jason Mantzoukas admitted that it was a blast working with Samberg and Co.

and it's unsurprising that the real-life relationships that the actors and actresses have permeated the small screen. Ahead of the premiere of the highly anticipated fifth season of the series, Andre Braugher shared his thoughts on his co-stars and how much he admires them. One of them is Joe Lo Truglio, who plays Detective Charles Boyle.

Actor on learning comedy on-the-go

In a recent interview with Parade, Andre Braugher spoke about the things he has learned from his "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" co-stars. Having been a dramatic actor for over 30-years, the 55-year old actor who plays Captain Raymond Holt on the series, opened up about delving into comedy.

He admitted that learning to do comedy was mostly "on-the-job training" and trusting series creators Mike Schur and Dan Goor on their vision for his character.

He admitted that when they started filming the series, that's when he "began to simply trust myself and the material together."

Braugher did admit though that there are some episodes that are quite difficult to grasp in terms of its tone. But that hasn't stopped Braugher from earning three Primetime Emmy Award nominations for the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series category for the role (2014, 2015, and 2016).

Andre Braugher on Joe Lo Truglio's comedic talents

The "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" actor expressed his admiration for co-stars Andy Samberg and Joe Lo Truglio, who have years of comedic experience under their belt. Samberg spent years honing his talents on "Saturday Night Live," while Lo Truglio has appeared in numerous films and TV shows, including the "Wet Hot American Summer" series.

In an interview with Parade, Braugher said that what he learned from Lo Truglio is that comedy "doesn't get funnier in the editing room. The time to make it funny is now." He shared that Lo Truglio often works with writers on set to make sure that a joke is delivered perfectly well. Braugher said, "He’s an incredibly inventive comic actor...His commitment is pretty inspiring."

See Andre Braugher and Joe Lo Truglio reprise their roles as Captain Raymond Holt and Detective Charles Boyle when "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" premieres this September 26 on FOX.