Britney Spears inspires millions through her music, breathtaking performances and story of her life. Her character might be the reason why her fans suggest that the Confederate monuments in New Orleans should be replaced with statues of her. It’s not a bad idea though.

Spears showed her face, with no makeup, to her followers.

She flaunted her natural beauty in her latest Instagram posts. The 35-year-old pop star made it clear to the world that she doesn't need blush or red lipstick to look amazing. The pictures were captioned while she was in front of her mansion where the singer was boasting her unmade-up face while wearing a short-sleeved low-cut white top and allowing her blonde hair fall free over her shoulder.

The star appeared to be sitting on a paved ground in her compound and trees and shrubs were visible in the background. She explained to her social media fans in the caption that there are days when she neither gets primped nor made up for a show and that was the real her. She called that her morning coffee at home look and noted some leftover mascara under her right eye.

Spears keeps her social media accounts active

Spears is an active social media user, and she shows off her workouts and beach-ready body frequently on Instagram. The singer had shared a jaw-dropping gym selfie last week and given her fans some advice on how to make it through all that exercise she does to make her perfectly toned body.

In the photo, Britney is seen standing in front of a gym mirror wearing a pair of teeny maroon shorts and a red top with her abs visible. Just before Monday, the “Work Bitch” singer had shared a video of herself with Sam Asghari, who is 23, in a dressing room goofing. The clip showed her in the mirror filming both of them while she was shaking her head back and forth.

Her children inspired her workout

Previously, Spears had said that her kids, 11-year old Sean, and Jayden, 10, made her view exercise differently. She told Women’s Health that after having Jayden, it was very easy for her to get back to shape but five years later she began noticing changes in her body. Her hips had become wider, and so it was important for her to continue working out.

Shee divorced the father of her kids, Kevin Federlineine in 2007. She is currently in Vegas. Her comeback has inspired the world after witnessing her lowest moments. it's great to see she feels secure and comfortable with her life and that she can allow her fans see her how ever.