Controversial Grammy Award winning comedian Kathy Griffin launched her “Laughed Your Head Off” World Tour set to begin in New Zealand this October with a tease to her future audience that “Nothing is off limits—not even him.”

The former CNN New Year’s Eve program co-host, who tearfully apologized to President Donald Trump several months ago for releasing a picture where she was seen holding what appears to be a decapitated and bloodied head of the president, told Australia’s Sunrise that she is “no longer sorry.”

In a sample of what to come, Griffin criticized President Trump’s in an interview with New York Magazine's The Cut for the pardon of former Maricopa County Sherriff, Joe Arpaio, whom she accused of “essentially running a concentration camp in the Arizona desert.”

Whole outrage was a BS

Griffin told the Australian program the “whole outrage was a BS” and that the incident was blown out of proportion.

She lamented that she lost everything and many of her friends were posting tweets against her.

The comedian was fired by CNN few days after she released the picture as Anderson Cooper’s co-host in the network’s New Year’s Eve Program. Her 15 scheduled live shows in the US were all canceled because there were alleged “bomb threats” made to the venues.

The US Secret Service also launched an investigation on whether the comedian posed a threat to the life of the president. Griffin tweeted last July that she was exonerated and that the federal investigation was closed.

Griffin and Anderson Cooper is over

One of the casualties of the controversy was Kathy Griffin’s friendship with CNN co-host Anderson Cooper.

Griffin told Yashar Ali of New York Magazine, she was hurt that Cooper did not contact her before he posted on Twitter his repudiation of what the comedian did. Anderson Cooper tweeted that he was appalled by the photo calling it “clearly disgusting and completely inappropriate.”

Griffin acknowledged her CNN co-host was in an untenable position at that time, however, she felt he could at least called or texted her prior to releasing his statement given their long friendship.

The comedian was also “deeply hurt” when Anderson Cooper claimed in the "Andy Cohen Show" last July that they are still friends without checking in with her first. When the CNN news anchor finally reached out to Griffin last August through text messages, Griffin told Cooper that their friendship was over.

Meanwhile, a source close to Anderson Cooper told The Cut that Cooper still considers Griffin to be his friend. Cooper though is not yet ready to talk personally to the comedian.