“Blade Runner 2” or also known as Blade Runner 2049 has a new trailer and it hints what is about to come. Although Warner Bros. released a number of movie teasers, the latest centers on Jared Leto’s character as Neander Wallace.

It also gives a glimpse of Dave Bautista’s role as Sapper and it strongly suggests that he is actually a Replicant. The film’s villain, on the other hand, doesn’t just have an army of bio-robotic android but he also has the rest of the police’s guns that makes him even more dangerous.

The wipe out of humanity

Neander Wallace is a genius scientist.

He is also the one responsible for the Replicant’s rebirth for the past 30 years and holding its manufacturing company Tyrell Corporation from the original film.

Jared Leto’s character has an ideal vision for the future and it includes destroying the humanity. “Humanity cannot survive,” Wallace said (via Polygon). He continued to say that the Replicant will be holding the future, but he can only “make so many.”

Moreover, Warner Bros. recently revealed a timeline of the original “Blade Runner” and “Blade Runner 2049” events featuring Neander Wallace’s activities. In 2025, he ended the global crisis by breaking a new ground in “genetically modified food” and gave his patents for free.

He then spent the next 11 years in modifying a new Replicant that he called Nexus 9.

After that, he claimed that “Tyrell’s genetic engineering and memory implantation methods” have improved and the new breed of bio-robotic android is now “obedient and controllable.”

Bautista’s secret character

Moreover, fans still feel that “Blade Runner 2049” details are under wraps, but its first TV spot reveals a major twist.

In the previous trailers, Dave Bautista has been seen as a normal guy wearing a pair of nifty glasses. But in the newly released teaser, it somehow confirmed that his role as Sapper is actually one of the Replicants.

After a scene between Officer K (Ryan Gosling) and Joi (Ana de Armas), the blade runner goes to the Replicant factory owned by Neander Wallace.

As he goes his way, the video catches one Replicant model and it really looks like the 48-year-old “Guardians of the Galaxy” star.

Although the semi-retired professional wrestler didn’t talk about his potential character as a bio-robotic android, he did say something about the film. Even though he might be scolded for this, he described the film’s reboot better than the original. “This is hard to say because I know I'm going to get some grief for this – I think it's going to be better than the first film," he told Digital Spy in May.