In Hollywood, some films get it right, and some don't. This year's "Wonder Woman" proved that big-budget films can do it right in all aspects, delivering the first female superhero film that stays true to the source material and at the same time features unique and interesting characters.

In fact, "Wonder Woman" featured a diverse cast, with Israeli actress Gal Gadot taking the lead with Chris Pine as her leading man. Wonder Woman's allies were people of mixed races as well. There was French-American actor Saïd Taghmaoui as French Moroccan secret agent Sameer, Eugene Brave Rock as Chief Napi, and Spanish actress Elena Anaya as Doctor Poison.

The same cannot be said for Marvel's "Doctor Strange," which received whitewashing criticism when British actress Tilda Swinton was cast in the role of The Ancient One, who in the source material was originally Asian. More recently, Scarlett Johansson's portrayal of Major in "Ghost in the Shell" also earned rightful backlash, given that the original material featured a Japanese Character. It seems that another film is following in the footsteps of both "Doctor Strange" and "Ghost in the Shell," as the upcoming "Hellboy" reboot from Mike Mignola has recently added a new cast member. According to Deadline, Ed Skrein has been added to the upcoming film starring David Harbour in the titular role.

Ed Skrein as a character who is originally Japanese

Hollywood does it again, this time with Ed Skrein as Ben Daimio in the upcoming "Hellboy" reboot, directed by Neil Marshall. Ben Daimio is an employee at the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense and first appeared in the "Hellboy" comic book "B.P.R.D.: The Dead #1," which was released back in December 2004.

In the comic books, Daimio is a Japanese-American who formerly led a group of Marines on a mission in Bolivia. It is yet unclear how Daimio will support David Harbour's Hellboy in the upcoming reboot.

Actor tweets his casting announcement

Ed Skrein took to Twitter to share the news that he was cast in the "Hellboy" reboot as Ben Daimio.

In it, he said that he was "excited" to be part of the cast and sent out his "praise" for "Hellboy" creator Mike Mignola. He also included the hashtag "#BPRD," which means that the organization will also play a role in the upcoming "Hellboy" reboot.

Casting news draws flack from actors of color

Deadline reported that actor Simu Liu, who has appeared in "Taken," "Blood and Water," and "Kim's Convenience," spoke out about the apparent whitewashing of the Ed Skrein's character. He wrote on Twitter, "I must have gotten an audition for Ben Daimio, an Asian character, in #Hellboy.

Oh wait, I didn't.. no Asian actor did.. #whitewashedOUT" and "Hey Hollywood, how many box-office flops does it take for you to learn how to cast properly? #hellboy #whitewashedout" He also expressed his dislike for Marvel's "Iron Fist," which also earned criticism for its casting choices.