Big Brother 19” spoilers from Sunday (Aug. 20) might predict a boring week for CBS fans. The Power Of Veto winner has been revealed and it isn’t going to provide as much excitement as past weeks have this season. While a “backdoor” plan is typically supposed to be an interesting event that could give a “blindside” for producers to advertise, the “BB19” house is almost following a pre-written script this week.

Christmas Abbott is the Head of Household this week, something that came out in previous “Big Brother 19” spoilers this weekend. CBS viewers didn’t get to see it happen, though, as the competition took place with the live cameras turned off.

When the CBS live feeds got turned back on after the Friday night episode on August 18, Christmas was the HOH and she had nominated Jason Dent and Matt Clines for eviction.

Who is going home at the Week 8 Eviction Ceremony?

These latest events from the “BB19” house only serve to confirm some earlier “Big Brother 19” rumors that suggest Paul Abrahamian could be the favorite to win this summer. He is in a tight alliance with Christmas Abbott, providing him specific safety again this week. There are additional “BB19” spoilers, though, stating that he received a special temptation safety this week that will (again) keep him from getting evicted.

As for the Power of Veto winner, that was Jason Dent, who now has the opportunity to take himself off the block at the Veto Ceremony.

This will clear the way for Christmas to nominate Mark Jansen as the replacement nominee and put him at risk of joining the “BB19” jury in just a few days. It almost appears scripted at this point because the plans of the alliance in charge of the house have gone exactly like they wanted.

More ‘BB19’ spoilers to come?

While the newest “Big Brother 19” spoilers aren’t all that exciting, it does clear the way for the main alliances in the house to start targeting one another.

After the Eviction Ceremony on Thursday night (Aug. 24), people are going to start turning on each other. Maybe it will be at that point where the other seven houseguests left standing figure out that it is time to get Paul Abrahamian out of the “BB19” house. But is it already too late?

In successive eviction ceremonies, Jessica Graf, Cody Nickson, Elena Davies, and Mark Jansen will have been evicted.

That eliminates two of the three showmances, underscoring even more how they should have worked harder to form an alliance and take down the other side of the house. Now four of the six people are gone, making Matt Clines and Raven Walton the next primary targets. Can Matt or Raven become the next HOH and prevent the next installment of “Big Brother 19” spoilers from stating that they have joined the “BB19” jury?