Fans are really upset with Kim Kardashian after Interview Magazine’s latest edition came out. The celebrity is photographed posing as, “America’s New First Lady.” The way Kim is seen sitting, is the exact manner in which the actual First Lady of USA, Mrs. Jackie Kennedy was pictured.

The reality TV star’s followers are now accusing her of blasphemy. This isn’t the first time that Kim Kardashian has ended up on controversies. Earlier this year, the woman stripped naked for the cover of another magazine, with nothing but a glass of champagne placed carefully on her backside.

Fans are not happy with Kim

According to a report by The Daily Mail, fans have taken to Twitter to express their disappointment over this move. One fan commented, “This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen,” while the other said, “Jackie O turning over in her damn grave right now.” The one thing that bothered the followers was Kim posing as America’s First Lady.

There was another question that Kim was being asked and that was regarding her skin color in the picture. The actress was purportedly colored black, with the intention of making her, the same color as her daughter, North. North is the child that Kim bore with Kanye West. The now-infamous photo shoot was carried out by famous photographer, Steven Klein.

North West is also a part of many other pictures, sporting the 60’s look. The edition also marks the debut for North in the entertainment industry.

Kim's interview with Janet Mock

As pointed by Metro, Kim Kardashian was least expecting such a reaction (or was she?). She was the one to post these pictures on her Instagram account, with the caption, “Interview Magazine September Cover!!!

This photo shoot I will cherish forever as such an amazing memory with my daughter, working with the most incredible team.” The edition carries Kim Kardashian’s interview with television host Janet Mock.

The celebrity has been struck with several personal questions in the interview. For example, Mock asked her what it was like being raised as a mixed black girl.

To which, Kim replied by saying that she has been very conscious about it all throughout but people like Kanye have always made her feel comfortable.

She also goes on to talk about North. She admits that her daughter loves curly hair. North gets along with her niece, Penelope very well despite their colors being different. The celebrity hasn’t made any comments regarding the uproar her photo shoot has caused among the fans.