Chocotravel is a travel company based in Kazakhstan and they recently produced a new video ad, showing nude models posing as air cabin crew. After the video went viral online, it has attracted criticism and condemnation on social media.

Travel company makes headlines with controversial ad

Airlines are usually making the headlines in their own right through various scandals, but now a travel company has joined the fray after hiring a bunch of models to pose as nude Flight Attendants in their latest promotional video.

The video was shared across various social media platforms and boasts the fact that with their service, air tickets can be purchased without additional charges.

The footage begins by zooming in on a woman’s mouth, then slowly zooming out to show the model wearing a traditional flight attendant scarf and hat.

However, when the camera zooms out further, the “flight attendants” are revealed to be naked, apart from their hat and scarf. The models then place their hats strategically over their pubic area. As reported by the Daily Mail, one of the women is saying that travel service Chocotravel doesn’t demand anything “unnecessary” from customers.

Ad considered to be 'sexism'

Adweek spoke to Nurken Rzaliyev, who works with the travel service’s parent company, Chocofamily. It was Rzaliyev that first posted the controversial video ad to Facebook causing it to go viral.

In the report, they mentioned to him that the ad had received widespread condemnation from people who dubbed the content to be sexism. According to Rzaliyev, there is no sexism in the ad and, while obviously opinions are divided, the ad merely paid attention to the problem of current high air ticket prices.

Adweek also spoke to Nikolay Mazensev, ticketing service director for Chocotravel, who couldn’t see a problem with their new ad.

He says the video shows nothing less than what you would see on a beach or at the pool, asking if people would attack women dressed in swimsuits and short skirts.

However, on the original ad which was posted to Facebook many have called the advert “disgusting” and a sign of “backwardness.” Another social media user dubbed it “Advertising of the 90s,” while yet another called it “desperate publicity.”

It turns out the company also did a male version of the controversial ad, which reportedly didn't receive so much condemnation online.

After the criticism received by the company, an edited version of the video ad was shared to Rzaliyev’s personal Facebook page is captioned “If we made this video, what would your reaction be?”

This version shows the flight attendants fully covered by dresses, reaching below their knees, and drew quite a few smiling emojis. It looks like it might go viral in its own right.