In line with the horrifying events that transcended in Charlottesville last Saturday, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger threw another jab at the white supremacists and Donald Trump. He criticized Trump for not rebuking the white supremacists who sparked the violence at the demonstration in Virginia and for not having a stronger stance against racism.

‘Your heroes are losers’

Arnold Schwarzenegger called out Trump and the neo-Nazis following the violence in the Charlottesville incident saying that there are no two sides to bigotry as well as to hatred.

In a video posted on Facebook, the former California governor pointed out that the only way to beat the loud, angry voices, is to counter them with loud, more reasonable voices.

Schwarzenegger pointed to Trump, saying that as a president of the country, he has the moral obligation to give a message that he will not stand for hate and racism. After his message to the president, Schwarzenegger turned to the white supremacists saying that he has no other message to them other than they are supporting a lost cause.

Arnold Schwarzenegger on the Charlottesville incident

The Charlottesville incident had caused great damage to the American nation - from the violence during the protest to the amount of hatred on the Internet after the incident.

Schwarzenegger said that he knows the original Nazis as he was born in 1947, shortly after the World War II and that he was surrounded by broken men. He told the neo-Nazis that the ghosts of the idols they worship and look up to lived their whole lives in shame, and right now are resting in hell.

After what had transpired in Charlottesville over the weekend, the actor said that people are not born hateful and that people can still change for the better and come to an understanding.

This statement is somehow similar to what former US President Barack Obama posted on Twitter, saying that if people can learn hate, they can also be taught to love.

While Arnold Schwarzenegger addressed the neo-Nazis and Donald Trump head-on, he also challenged those who remain silent regarding the issue to stand up against hate and violence.

He added that the issue of racism can be faced confronted directly only if people have the courage to do so.

The Austrian-born actor called on the nation to leave the ghosts of the past behind and eliminate hatred and racism that’s been embedded on the face of the nation.

Schwarzenegger is also the current host of “The Apprentice,” a position which Trump used to have.