Amber Portwood opened up about her troubled relationship with Matt Baier on the previous season of "Teen Mom OG" as she got him to take a lie detector test. Amber wanted to see if Matt was truly invested in her, as she had already seen red flags from his behavior. She had already postponed the wedding once, as Amber learned that Baier had tried to hook up with Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham prior to meeting her. Their relationship suffered during the final season of "Teen Mom OG" and it sounds like she has moved on with another man. Amber met her current boyfriend while filming "Marriage Boot Camp," which was the show that essentially ended their relationship.

Even though Amber is happy about her new relationship, it sounds like some people believe that Portwood may have some problems since she's in and out of relationships. It's no secret that Portwood has dated a few guys since being out of prison, but she clearly just wants to find the one. According to a new tweet, Amber Portwood is now defending her decision to get involved with a new man and it sounds like she's doing just fine with her depression.

Unable to be single?

Amber could be the kind of person who feels better when she's in a relationship. Like Jenelle Evans, Amber Portwood may be the kind of person who could struggle with being single. However, as long as she's happy with her new boyfriend, it makes sense that she's doing everything possible to be happy with her new boyfriend.

To suggest that she has a problem because she's dating seems odd.

Luckily, Amber was quick to reply to the follower, revealing that she doesn't have any mental health issues and she's just fine.

She has also admitted that she did felt nervous about announcing her relationship to the world. It has just been a few weeks since fans saw how Amber ended her relationship with Matt. But in reality, it has been a few months.

Happiest she's ever been?

It is possible that Portwood is the happiest she has ever been in this new relationship.

He has a job, he can support himself and they are in a long-distance relationship, meaning he's not with her for the fame or for a place to live. It sounds like he can support himself and truly just wants to be with her because he cares. In addition, Amber is working hard on growing her online business, as she has been super busy selling products from her fashion store.

What do you think about people calling out Amber Portwood's mental health issues just because she has moved on?