Amazon Prime, HBO, Hulu, and Netflix are bringing some fantastic films and series this month, so it’s the golden chance to grab your favorite shows. Starting today, Amazon Prime will add some classics to its lineup. Several brand new series for Marvel fans are also coming to the streaming services.

Films coming to the streaming website

The following films are reportedly coming to Amazon Prime this month:

Benny & Joon’ – In spite of its improbable story, “Benny & Joon” became a box office success. The film grossed over $23 million at the domestic box office.

Released in 1993, “Benny & Joon” is known for Johnny Depp’s humorous physical routines. It has Mary Stuart Masterson, Aidan Quinn, Julianne Moore, Oliver Platt, and Dan Hedaya in the leading characters.

Florence Foster Jenkins’ – “Florence Foster Jenkins” is reportedly coming to Amazon Prime on August 27. This film received a warm response from critics and was nominated for two Oscars and four Golden Globes in 2016. Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant, Simon Helberg, and Rebecca Ferguson played the leading roles in “Florence Foster Jenkins.”

Superbad’ – “Superbad” is reportedly coming to Amazon Prime on August 4. This teen comedy was directed by Greg Mottola and featured Michael Cera and Jonah Hill in the leads.

The film was a critical and commercial success, grossing over $167 million.

Save the Last Dance’ – This film debuted at No. 1 at the American box office and made over $27 million in its opening weekend. “Save the Last Dance” explores the lives of Julia Stiles and Sean Patrick Thomas who train Stiles for a dance audition.

Series coming to the website

The following shows are coming to Amazon Prime this August:

Undercover’ – The first season of “Undercover” will be available on the website from August 17. This six-part drama premiered in the United States in November 2016, on BBC. The Guardian reported that five million viewers watched the first episode of “Undercover.”

Victoria’ – The first season of “Victoria” will be available from August 29.

It follows the first few years of Queen Victoria (Jenna Coleman), while the second season may focus on her struggles on managing her role as a housewife.

Tumble Leaf’ – The third season of “Tumble Leaf” is coming to Amazon Prime on August 15. Its story is inspired by a short film “Miro.” The show’s first six episodes premiered on Amazon Prime in May 2014, and the remaining episodes debuted in September 2014. In December 2016, it was reported that the streaming service had renewed the series for another season.