San Diego Comic-Con just keeps getting better and better as another surprise has been unveiled. “Young Justice” has just been revived and it will be coming back with a new season.

New designs and heroes unveiled for 'Young Justice' season 3

Fans of the DC Nation shows and shorts were given a special treat at the San Diego Comic-Con. It was just revealed that the popular animated show, “Young Justice” will be returning with a new installment.

Fans were delighted to see the animated series revived. It made its premiere on Cartoon Network in November 2010.

However, after two seasons and 22 episodes, it was canceled alongside fellow DC Nation show, “Green Lantern: The Animated Series.” After seven years, Warner Bros. announced that they will be bringing back “Young Justice” with a whole new third season.

The announcement was confirmed at the San Diego Comic-Con when Warner Bros. finally revealed more of their plans. The studio released new costume designs as well as new characters for the upcoming season.

‘Young Justice’ gets new name and heroes

Warner Bros. has announced that the third season of the show will be called Young Justice: Outsiders.” They revealed at their SDCC panel that the main lineup will include Wonder Girl, Tim Drake as Robin, Blue Beetle, Impulse, Beast Boy, and Arsenal.

New characters Static Shock, Spoiler, Arrowette, and Thirteen has been added to the roster. The most familiar members of the show, namely Superboy, Nightwing, Artemis, and Aqualad were also included in the latest reveal but it seems like each of them will be going solo. Producer Greg Wiesman revealed at the panel that Bash Bashford will be the new Superboy.

In the DC Comics, Arrowette was introduced as Bonnie King, who would become Green Arrow’s sidekick. Thirteen, otherwise referred to as Traci 13, was born with innate powers of sorcery.

Spoiler was introduced in August 1992 as Cluemaster’s daughter and an amateur crime-fighter. Later on in the comics, she briefly takes on the roles of Robin and Batgirl.

Weisman explained that the new characters were inspired by the original heroes of the show. Co-creator Brandon Vietti assured fans that they will also be telling the stories of these new heroes.

New costume designs and synopsis

Warner Bros. revealed the new team clad in new costumes through a slide presentation. Every young hero is getting new threads and some of them have exchanged their colorful outfits for dark stealthy ones. Impulse also noticeably wears the Kid Flash costume in the new season.

The studio’s panel at the San Diego Comic-Con pointed out that they omitted some of the characters. Weisman actually teased that they’re bringing back another character to the series because they felt that he/she is not done so they have planned the mysterious returning character to be the major lead of the series.

The official synopsis for “Young Justice: Outsiders” revealed that the team of young heroes will be facing their greatest challenge yet. The new season promises super powers, super secrets, and super villains.