Late last year, the K-pop community received quite a shock when YG Entertainment announced that 2NE1 officially disbanded after seven years. This was debilitating news especially for Blackjacks (official fan club of 2NE1) given that the groundbreaking girl group was on hiatus since 2015. Thankfully for them, as well as for the K-pop fans in general, 2NE1 was able to say goodbye in their swan song of the same name earlier this year.

After disbanding, former members Lee Chae Rin and Sandara Park were able to renew their contracts with YG Entertainment.

However, the same could not be said with the third member Park Bom. Many speculated the reason to be associated with her 2014 drug scandal. However, YG Entertainment assured everyone the reason for Bom not renewing had more to do with her mental and emotional health as a result of the drug scandal.

Now four months after 2NE1 sang "Goodbye," Park Bom is pushing for a solo debut. She wants K-pop fans to ask YG Entertainment to make it happen.

How did Park Bom's solo debut push initiate?

Park Bom's push for a Solo Album initiated through interaction with K-pop fans via social media. On Thursday, April 27, Bom uploaded a sexy photo of herself on the beach showing off her "best asset" on both Twitter and Instagram.

While fans interacted with her, one of them begged for Bom to go back to the studio and release a solo album. Bom responded by asking the K-pop fans (as well as others since it was made public) to ask YG Entertainment, specifically CEO Yang Hyun Suk and producer Teddy Park, to make it happen.

Apparently, Park Bom's response has brought up speculation that she is still signed to YG Entertainment.

The label and agency have yet to respond but it sure got everyone's attention with over 3,000 likes and over 2,000 shares to help spread the word of Bom potentially still being with them.

Is Park Bom really still signed to YG Entertainment?

For now, we can only go with the previously reported fact that Park Bom is not signed with YG Entertainment.

Instead, she may be pushing for YG Entertainment to sign her back on. Take into account that out of all the members of 2NE1, Bom is the only one who reportedly isn't doing anything career-wise outside of the disbanded girl group. CL is pursuing a solo career in the American music industry, Dara is currently acting in which her next role will be Jang Bo Ra in the K-movie adaptation of "Cheese in the Trap," and Minzy who actually left eight months before 2NE1 disbanded just released her debut solo album, an extended play (EP) titled "Minzy Work 01: Uno."

Until we hear any news of Park Bom actually working on a solo album or possibly signing on with a new label, she will most likely remain active on social media. Eventually, labels will take notice especially with all the promotions K-pop fans, especially Blackjacks, are giving her.