"Wonder Woman 2" is officially on and has received a December 13, 2019, premiere as announced by Warner Brothers on Tuesday evening. While it’s pretty sure Gal Gadot will reprise her role as the Amazon princess Diana Prince, director Patty Jenkins hasn’t been officially announced to be on board but she may already have a place in mind for the sequel.

‘Wonder Woman 2’ set for December 2019

“Wonder Woman 2” is inevitable after its massive success at the box office this summer. Disappointed fans at the San Diego Comic-Con this year shouldn’t worry as Warner Bros.

officially announced its release date according to The Hollywood Reporter. The highly-anticipated sequel will hit the theaters on December 13, 2019, more than two years since the first movie hit the theaters.

Gal Gadot will reprise her role as the timeless Diana Prince, who is set to appear in “Justice League” in November. Gadot will join the DC superhero dream team on-screen alongside Ben Affleck’s Batman, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, Ezra Miller’s flash and Ray Fisher’s Cyborg.

The immense success of “Wonder Woman” translated to more than $389 million at the domestic box office as of date. It has surpassed Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” at the weekend box office. Over the weekend, Warner Bros.

showed the logos of their upcoming films, which includes “Flashpoint,” “The Batman,” “Batgirl,” “Justice League Dark,” “Green Lantern Corps” and “Suicide Squad 2.”

Patty Jenkins' setting for ‘Wonder Woman 2’

While it has been confirmed that Gal Gadot will continue her role for the sequel, Warner Bros. hasn’t officially announced director Patty Jenkins to be aboard the project.

However, it appears that she’s ready to take on the role according to EW. In fact, she may already have the next location in mind.

In an earlier interview with the online magazine, the 45-year-old film maker has already thought of how the sequel might look like. Jenkins was quoted saying that it may take place in the United States.

She reasoned out that it’s definitely time for Wonder Woman to come to America.

Right now, there are rumors saying that the delay is not so much as hesitation on Jenkins part. Rather, it’s more on negotiating the right terms with the studio. Warner Bros. declined to comment on its future plans but fans believe that Jenkins will most likely helm “Wonder Woman 2.” Jenkins had already formed a great bond with Gadot. More so, the director has made her intentions known earlier on, saying that she'd love to do the sequel.

Cath Gal Gadot in "Justice League" on November 16, 2017. Watch the trailer for the movie below.