Nelsan Ellis, one of the known actors of "True Blood," is reportedly dead at the age of 39 after suffering from complications of heart failure. Just recently, an official statement has been issued by HBO confirming his death. To recall, Ellis was a long-time family member of the network and has starred in some of their shows.

HBO has been greatly saddened by his passing and has added that his personality and character will surely be missed. Meanwhile, HBO also shared that Ellis has been recognized for his ground-breaking portrayal of his role as Lafayette.

Apparently, he will always be remembered for such recognized legacy.

One-of-a-kind talent

Alan Ball, the "True Blood" creator, has shared to Entertainment Tonight on how he felt over Ellis' passing. The show creator revealed that Ellis was a singular talent that he will never forget. At his young age, Ellis made all other cast members felt privileged of working with him.

To recall, Ellis starred in "True Blood" since it started airing from 2008 until 2014. His character as Lafayette made him earned lots of recognition in both the production and the audience. His character was killed off from the novel; however, his portrayal has been loved by the entire HBO series viewers.

Apart from HBO, Ellis also made other TV shows like "The Soloist," "The Butter," and even worked with "Elementary." He also starred in Fox's "The Insider" for a single season together with other stars like Rachel Nichols and Adam Baldwin.

Illinois-born actor

Amid the sad news, Emily Gerson Saines, his manager, has also given her official statement. She stated that the Ilinois-born actor will surely be missed with his talent, caress, and presence to other people. Basically, Ellis has impressed lots of producers including the HBO over his passion in acting.

Charlaine Harris also took to Twitter and shared the sad news of the passing of her friend.

Amid his death, HBO and Alan Ball have deeply expressed their emotions that Ellis will always be a family. Further, his legacy in "True Blood" will always remain part of the history.

Some of his cast mates also expressed her sympathy over the loss of their friend and co-actor. Anna Paquin, Ellis' cook in the series, has shared that she has been privileged to be given the chance to work with a kind soul like him. Apparently, everyone was devastated by his untimely death. For the meantime, further details of his funeral are yet to be revealed.