Kim Kardashian West professes to be many things, but a cocaine addict is not one of them. Recently, she came under fire for a suspicious image in the background of one of her photos that appeared to be lines of white on a black table. Kardashian is famous for her fixation with taking and sharing selfies, so this is assuredly not the first time fans have found fault with her photos. The mom of 2 took serious affront at the accusation, though, determined to prove her innocence.

The white lines, Kim Kardashian said, was sugar

Initially, the reality TV celeb said she absolutely does not do drugs, and what appeared to be cocaine must, in fact, be sugar from pixie sticks, reported People magazine, as her family had just visited Dylan's Candy Bar.

After the news broke, Twitter blew up with parodies mocking the Keeping Up With the Kardashians superstar, while others quickly came to Kim's defense. Once she returned to the New York City hotel room where the selfie was taken, she set about investigating to figure out the truth regarding the white substance on the table.

Kim Kardashian proves her innocence

Ironically, Kim was both right and wrong about what had caused the hurtful rumor. It was neither cocaine nor sugar that appeared to be formed into lines, but the markings of the table itself.

Kardashian took to social media with a video picturing the marble table up close, going so far as the run her hand over the surface to show that nothing was there. While some still scoff and believe the worst about the wife of Kanye West, her video clearly shows her to be blameless. Apparently, this is one rumor she took to heart and moved with furious speed to eliminate.

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Mom Kim Kardashian was hurt by the drug rumor

According to the Los Angeles Times, the mom of North West and Saint West was simply sharing a video featuring new pieces for The Kids Supply, her clothing line for kids, when the now infamous table was spotted.

What does a working mom have to do to get some respect? Apparently upset at the thought that she would do something like that, especially around her children, Kim Kardashian was sure to address that point in her tweet. "So, come on, I don't play like that. I have kids, that's just not my lifestyle. I've never been like that," she said.

In other Kardashian news, Kim has just launched white sneakers for The Kids Supply that children can personalize for themselves, which will be available for purchase on July 17. You can bet when she markets this product, it won't be in front of a marble table.