The Coca-Cola company has recently been in the news with the possible intention of looking into creating a beverage infused with CBD oil. This oil, an extract from the marijuana plant, is becoming increasingly popular for its medicinal properties. Cannabinoids in the plant support overall health as well as help to treat conditions such as epilepsy and cancer. Originally, Coca-Cola was produced as a medicinal drink, with both its name and ingredients derived from the main ingredients, extract of the coca leaf and kola nuts, reports Snopes. Cocaine is derived from coca leaves.

Coca-Cola was not the first to add cocaine to drinks.

According to The Transnational Institute, it was around 1860 when cocaine became a popular additive to "medicinal tonics" and other beverages. Live Science goes on to say that Coca-Cola was created in 1860 by John Pemberton, a pharmacist from Atlanta. He desired to make a similar product to the French coca wine, which used the extract of coca leaves and Bordeaux wine as the main ingredients, but without the use of alcohol. Pemberton mixed a concoction of sweet syrup, coca leaf extract, and kola nuts, creating the original Coke and marketing it as "medicinal". As seen below in an ad from 1886, the soda was hailed as a tonic for all sorts of ailments, including a brain tonic and "a cure for all nervous afflictions".

In 1903, the amount of cocaine in Coke was drastically reduced due to growing concern about the unhealthiness of the drug. In 1929, cocaine was completely removed from Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola turning to a modern drug for infusion

These days, it is marijuana that has taken the world by storm, proving to be a powerful pain reliever.

Once again, the Coca-Cola company is rumored to be discussing the creation of a beverage aimed at health by using the extracts of the plant. This time, however, the chosen drug has been widely celebrated as non-psychoactive and appears to treat a large variety of complaints, especially in the area of childhood epilepsy. Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is taken from the marijuana plant but does not have the component which causes one to get high, making it appear to be a safe and effective option as an overall tonic.

Only time will tell if the Coca-Cola company will follow through with a new line of CBD oil infused soda. The iconic brand created the first cola and drove it to a world-renowned brand, enjoying more than a century of success. Perhaps the same will be true for this new type of beverage.