With the rise in popularity of everything retro, from remastered classic video games, the Nintendo NES miniature replica, and classic movie remakes, it would only make sense for classic television shows to be making a comeback as well. Warner Bros. apparently wants to capitalize on this new trend as indicated by reports of it bringing to life the classic 60's Hanna- Barbera cartoon television show, "The Jetsons," as a brand new live-action television series.

Rocketing to television screens

According to reports, Warner Bros. has apparently already approached "Family Guy" producer Gary Janetti to work on the new television series.

The producer has been tasked to Bring To Life the futuristic family and recreate them for modern television viewers. Having a television show about a regular American family living in a futuristic utopian future with robots, aliens, holograms, and flying cars will certainly have an appeal with today's audiences.

Not yet a done deal

As of the moment, the "Jetsons" live-action television series is still in the deal-making stage and has not yet been given the green light for production. Warner Bros. is still apparently shopping for different properties to see which one would best fit their needs. Aside from Janetti, "Back to the Future" director, Robert Zemeckis has also been identified as being attached to the project as its executive producer.

His experience in creating futuristic worlds will undoubtedly come in handy in creating the futuristic world of the Jetsons, which is planned to be set in the year 2117.

Half-a-century old cartoon

The original "Jetsons" television show was created as an animated sitcom that was basically the futuristic counterpart of "The Flintstones." Both shows had the same basic formula with a typical American family dealing with typical family life and situations but in different eras.

The Jetson family is comprised of George and Jane Jetson along with their children Judy and Elroy. They also have a robotic nanny named Rosie and a "talking" dog named Astro. The show officially ran from 1962 to 1963 and was set in the year 2062. New episodes were later released, which ran from 1985 to 1987.

While "The Flintstones" has become quite a successful franchise with a number of shows, movies, and live-action remakes under its belt, "The Jetsons" had remained relatively obscure.

The property, however, did make a recent appearance in an animated direct-to-video film, titled "The Jetsons & WWE: Robo-WrestleMania!," which was produced by Warner Bros. and WWE Studios.

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