Those who have been waiting for the return of the Parr family in the upcoming animated superhero sequel, "The Incredibles 2," will be glad to know that some new information has now come to light regarding the show's story and its casting. The movie itself was finally unveiled at the recently held Disney D23 Expo in Anaheim, California, where a short clip was also shown to those who were in attendance.

Right where it left off

According to Pixar Animation Studios CCO, John Lasseter, the upcoming sequel will be featuring a unique story that will focus on the family itself as opposed to any other villain or big event.

Most of the movie will apparently also focus more on Helen Parr, a.k.a. Elastigirl. She will likely be leaving on some sort of adventure while Mr. Incredible stays at home to babysit Jack-Jack. Apart from talking about the storyline, Lasseter also revealed in an interview that the movie was going to be taking place right after the events of the original film.

Jack-Jack's powers

In an exclusive screening of a brand new scene for the movie during the Disney D23 Expo event, a portion of the central plot in the film was revealed. Based on the scene, the Parrs apparently still don't know that Jack-Jack has powers. They don't even really know what he is capable off, although fans will likely already have an idea of some of his abilities based on the ending scene of the original film.

The scene itself showed Jack-Jack fighting a raccoon when his father falls asleep in front of the TV. Jack-Jack is showcased with different abilities, including being able to levitate objects, walk through walls, flaming on (ala the Human Torch), and even shoot laser beams from his eyes. After his father wakes up, he finally notices that Jack-Jack does indeed have powers, but after seeing the damage he had done to their house, he soon realizes that his son may be more powerful than they could have imagined.

Confirmed cast

Aside from the entertaining new scene, the movie's director Brad Bird also confirmed the cast members that will be reprising their roles for the upcoming film. Almost all of the cast members will be returning with the exception of Spencer Fox, who originally voiced Dash Parr. Fox will be replaced by newcomer Huck Milner. Craig T. Nelson will be returning as Mr.

Incredible, Holly Hunter as Mrs. Incredible, Sarah Vowell as Violet, Samuel L. Jackson as Frozone, and finally Bird himself will be voicing Edna Mode. The movie is set to be released on June 15, 2018.

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