Criminal Minds” season 13 has already started filming and those that are following the series have one question in mind. Will Thomas Gibson ever make a comeback to the show? The actor played as Supervisory Special Agent Aaron “Hotch” Hotchner, the Unit Chief of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU).

In August 2016, he had an on-set altercation with Virgil Williams, one of the show’s writers and said that the dispute was due to their creative differences in one of the episodes that he was directing. He was deliberately fired from the series and was written off by having his character enter the Witness Protection Program.

Will Hotch return to the series?

Since the actor departed “Criminal Minds” last year, some fans decided not to watch the show again. Most of them said that they will only patronize the series once again as soon as Hotch makes a comeback to the BAU. The police procedural drama’s ratings have significantly declined following the departure of Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore last year.

Both of them are the foundations of the show since it premiered in 2005 and we can’t blame fans if they decide not to watch the show again without these characters. Fans were even pissed when one of the showrunners posted on Twitter telling fans not to expect to see Aaron Hotchner again in the team of profilers at the BAU.

“Criminal Minds” fans also started the social media hashtag #NoHotchNoWatch in an attempt to deliver a message to the showrunners that they are boycotting the show without Gibson. They also filed a petition asking fans to sign it to have the actor back in the show.

However, the producers and showrunners have been reluctant at fans’ request to this date.

When Williams left the show to work for Universal Television, fans are wondering whether it’s possible for the actor to return as a series regular. Recently, showrunner Erica Messer has lengthened her connection with the show’s producer, ABC Studios, which means that she will still be the one developing the series.

Aaron Hotchner, BAU

It can be recalled in one of “Criminal Minds” episodes when Aaron Hotchner and his son, Jack entered the Witness Protection Program when one of the country’s notorious serial killer, Mr. Scratch began stalking the latter. He then personally asked Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) to take over his post as the department Unit Chief. Apparently, Prentiss agreed and eventually becomes the team leader of the BAU.

Hotch is known for being serious and determined despite lacking wit and humor but fans have learned to love him.

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