Fans of NBC's rebooted "Will & Grace" will have to wait a little longer to find out what season 9 will have in store for them. The network released a new trailer for the re-hatched series on July 4th, but other than a brief look at the quirky, excitable characters viewers have come to love, even in reruns, over the past two decades, the clip provides very little run on. Although die-hards are unlikely to mind, as fans have been blowing up the internet since the series revival was first confirmed back in May.

Clip features James Brown's 'I Got the Feelin'

While the clip is immediately reminiscent of the original sitcom, with James Brown's soulful "I Got the Feelin'" providing the soundtrack throughout, the characters seem out of place.

The high-energy, 30-second promotional spot takes place on a sparsely decorated, somewhat drab, sound stage, with large graphics of the characters' names arranged in the show's large, white title font. The dresses of Debra Messing's Grace and Megan Mullally's Karen each provide a contrasting pop of white and pink, respectively, but Eric McCormack's dark suit nearly causes him to get lost in the background. Filmed in an awkward sepia lens, the editing and overall tone of the visual seems to clash with the goofy atmosphere the actors are attempting to portray.

For the series that was known for zany antics like the publicly spraying water bra and amazing guest stars like Alan Arkin the late Debbie Reynolds, this mismatched commercial feels like a missed opportunity.

NBC hopes to revive 'Must See TV'

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, NBC dominated primetime television, particularly on Thursday nights, with a mix of comedies and dramas.

In what was known from 1993 - 2006 as "Must See Tv," the network relied on long-running sitcoms like "Friends," "Frasier," "Seinfeld," and "Will & Grace" to bring in the viewers most sought-after by advertisers.

The network was hit especially hard by the emergence, and eventual dominance, of cable networks in the prime time viewing slot in the early- and mid- 2000s, however; in the past few years, only a handful of sitcoms have debuted on NBC and most are cancelled before the end of the first season.

With the return of "Will & Grace" to television, it is widely expected that NBC will also revive the "Must See TV" programming and advertising format. It has already been revealed that the series will return to its previously held time slot on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET. Joining the show will be season 3 of "Superstore" and the sophomore seasons of "Great News" and Ted Danson's "The Good Place."