"The Flash" is all set to make his way into the production of the show's newest season. The series is ready to kick off a new batch of episodes for Season 4. A tweet from The Flash Office Twitter account, which was subsequently deleted, said that they are ready for filming on its first day and they said it will be epic.

The major detail that made fans excited was the reveal of the title for "The Flash" Season 4 Episode, "The Flash Reborn." The production of the episode is scheduled to have an eight-day run, a normal figure for TV series similar to "The Flash."

When the episode airs, the plot of "The Flash" is set to be six months from where it left off.

This is to keep up with the consistency of the period which passed after the Season 3 finale.

What's more is, fans can look forward to more good news. As "The Flash" starts production, avid viewers can be sure to expect some quick clips to be shown at San Diego Comic Con during the third weekend in July.

Do you know your Flash facts?

Unfamiliar with "The Flash?" Here are some fast facts (pun not intended) for you. Barry Allen (played by Grant Gustin) was a normal C.S.I. working for the Central City Police Department. His life was turned upside down when he encountered an accident in the S.T.A.R. Labs, creating a dark-matter lightning storm that struck him, giving him super-speed - now he's the fastest man alive.

Recently, Barry used his newfound abilities to travel back in time to be able to save his mother’s life. This led to the creation of an alternate timeline (Flashpoint); and gave birth to the story's villain, Savitar.

Picking up where it left off

Per TV Line, "The Flash" was last seen when Barry volunteered to leave his loved ones behind and fill the “void” left in the Speed Force.

This was after Jay Garrick was released from the prison to help defeat Savitar.

Meanwhile, what is known about the upcoming Season 4 is that the latest antagonist will be The Thinker (Clifford DeVoe), who was mentioned not once but twice in the show. “[The Oct. 10 premiere] takes place six months in the future" and Barry is still in the Speed Force," Candice Patton (who plays the role of Iris West) said to TV Line at the Saturn Awards where she was named Best Supporting TV Actress.

” She added that it was a real struggle for Iris to be dealing with that but in the end, she still does it in a way that she wants."

Are you excited for the fourth installment of the series? You bet we are as well! "The Flash" returns on the small screen on October 10 at (8 pm ET) only on The CW.