"The Disaster Artist" was directed by james franco who also stars in the movie as the main protagonist. The movie is an adaptation of a book about Tommy Wiseau's process of working on "The Room." The book titled "The Disaster Artist: My Life Inside the Room was written by Greg Sestero. Sestero is a close friend of Wiseau and now Seth Rogen and James Franco are adapting the book into a hilarious comedy movie. The movie takes the comedic spoof genre to the next level and is already predicted to bring in some awards.

James Franco as Tommy Wiseau

Actor and director James Franco will star as Tommy Wiseau in this comedic spoof of Wiseau's life.

The creator, director and producer of "The Room" is well known to the film industry as someone who should not be acting. In fact, his creation was so bad that it fell into the bygone shlock genre of film. Franco takes on the role of the aspiring film maker in the movie "The Disaster Artist" and becomes the persona of the terrible actor.

As seen in the trailer Franco's character is impossible to work with. When he is not forgetting his lines, 60 times in a row, he is causing drama on set. Franco is joined by his younger brother Dave who is co-starring as Sestero. The comedic duo brings hilarity to the screen as Wiseau and Sestero's obsession with the film is explored. With hit comedy actor Seth Rogen on board "The Disaster Artist" is already set to be a raving success.

A brilliant cast

Seth Rogen takes on the role of the director in "The Disaster Artist". He adds to the hilarity of the movie through his interactions with actor James Franco. The pair has great chemistry and have been personal friends for years. Rogen shows all the suppressed rage of Wiseau's director as Franco flounders through his lines.

The banter between the pair will be sure to have the audience howling with laughter. Their reputation as a team is sure to lure in some new viewers.

Among this stellar cast are the likes of Zac Efron who recently starred in the comedy "Baywatch". Zoey Dutch, Alison Brie, Josh Hutcherson and Paul Scheer also join. The talented cast will also be joined by actors who will feature in a cameo role.

Kristen Bell, Byran Cranston, Adam Scott and more will also appear at some point during "The Disaster Artist".

"The Disaster Artist" is due to be released to theaters on the 8th of December. Fans can look forward to seeing the Rogen and Franco dream team back together in this comedic movie.