Large-budget superhero movie franchises are often tricky to execute and not all of them hit hold in terms of the box office. For "The Batman," it's a tricky road to the big screen, with production woes ranging from script making to naming a director. Of course, most of it is in the past now, as Matt Reeves has stepped in to helm the upcoming Batman stand alone film.

He has expressed his desire to create a new "noir" type of trilogy, telling a story from the eyes of Bruce Wayne himself. Reeves has officially canned the script that Ben Affleck, who was previously going to serve as a director on the film, was set to use.

Even more shocking news has arrived via ScreenRant, which reported that Affleck is in fact not signed up for Reeves' trilogy just yet.

Ben Affleck doesn't have a contract for Matt Reeves' trilogy took to Twitter to announce that "The Batman" star Ben Affleck "did not sign a new Batman contract." The Wrap's Umberto Gonzalez also backed up the tweet, which means that Affleck may either still be in negotiations for the upcoming films, given the polarizing feedback that they received from his first outing as the Dark Knight in "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice." It's also possible that Warner Bros. is waiting for "Justice League" to either hit gold at the box-office or flop before they decide to move forward with Affleck with "The Batman."

Actor tries to stop rumors of leaving the Batman role

CNN reported that during last week's Comic Con, Ben Affleck addressed people's comments that he wasn't thrilled to be Batman in the DCEU.

He said, "I know there was a misconception that because I didn't direct it that I wasn't enthusiastic about it." But Affleck did pledge his allegiance to director Matt Reeves ("War for the Planet of the Apes," saying, "I would be an ape on the ground for Matt Reeves—never mind being Batman."

Will Joe Manganiello still play Deathstroke?

Given that Ben Affleck has given up his directorial role and Matt Reeves canned the last "The Batman" script, it seems that Joe Manganiello's role as Deathstroke is in a limbo.

Collider is questioning the actor's fate as Deathstroke and whether he'll appear in "The Batman," and as per The Hollywood Reporter, Manganiello remained coy about whether or not he's still part of the upcoming film.

He said that he already knows the status of Deathstroke in terms of the film, but it's "nothing I can share.

I know everything but I can’t say any of it." This may be indicative that he'll still play some sort of role in the upcoming Reeves-directed film. In the meantime, fans can catch Affleck as he returns as Batman in "Justice League" on November 17.