Tonight on ABC’s “ The Bachelorette,” rachel lindsay met the families of her final four suitors. She then made her decision on who to bring to Switzerland for the Fantasy Suite dates.

Meet the parents

Eric was the first one to get a hometown date. He took Rachel to Baltimore, where he confesses that she is the first woman he has ever brought home. They play basketball before going to his house for dinner.

During the visit, Rachel talks to his family about the journey and being judged. Eric also talks to his family members about the process and how he is falling in love with Rachel.

It is a sweet visit that includes dinner, wine, and a toast. He thinks it was amazing and continues to fall in love.

Bryan takes Rachel to Miami, where they go exploring and play games. her biggest worry is meeting his mom since she didn’t get along with his last girlfriend.

During the date, Bryan talks to his mom and says he is falling in love. She doesn’t understand how he can fall in love on TV and goes into some rant about how they are blood.

We also see a conversation with Rachel and Bryan’s mom. She sings his praises, but Bryan’s mom gives her a warning about respecting and trusting him.

She also tells her that she is marrying the family. Rachel agrees and says she would say the same thing.

Rachel then goes to DC to meet Peter’s family and friends. I have to say, it is adorable to see him playing with his niece.

We get more heart to hearts and it seems like his family is supportive.

The final date is with Dean in Dallas. They enjoy a champagne picnic and they discuss his dad and his new wife, who prefer to be called by different names.

He is bothered by his father’s lifestyle, but Rachel tells him it will be fine and comforts him.

His father and stepmom are on the floor meditating when they arrive, along with other people who follow their religion. They also enjoy a meal and good conversation, most of which is quite interesting. However, there is a lot of tension between Dean and his dad, especially when it comes to Dean’s late mother.

They have an argument, causing the date end on a sour note.

Who went home?

Rachel and Chris Harrison talk about the dates, her journey and where she stands with each man.

She tells the guys they are all amazing but knows she has to send one home during the rose ceremony.

She decides to keep Bryan, Eric, and Peter. Dean leaves heartbroken and in tears. She talks to him and says she cares about him, but the connection with the other guys is much stronger. He is not happy and does not understand why she would say she cared and then send him home.

Join us next week for the Fantasy Dates.