"Teen Mom OG" cast member Amber Portwood told ex-Matt Baier he better "lawyer up." Things are definitely not going well between Amber and Matt, and it looks as if Amber may finally be seeing the light.The on-again-off-again couple appears to be off, this time possibly for good according to Radar Online reports that reveal that Portwood has accused Baier of stealing money from her.

Amber Portwood slams Matt Baier, accuses him of theft and cheating

Amber unleashed on Matt over the weekend in a vicious Twitter rant. The former couple was recently in LA filming a stint on "Marriage Bootcamp: Reality Couples" and according to Amber things did not work out well for them.

Amber posted: “I need to get out of this house,” she tweeted. “Drunk bimbo with too many opinions! This isn’t going to end well when I’m done!!! Fake.”

Amber Portwood tweets she would rather have Farrah in her home than Matt.

Portwood continued with her rant writing via Twitter that she can't kick out this blonde jacka**. Fans began asking Amber if she was speaking about Farrah Abraham. Amber quickly responded that "she wished" it was Farrah that was at her home, adding that would at least make her happier.

Portwood's vent continued by revealing that she was currently doing a show that she wished she had never agreed to do, we assume she is speaking of "Marriage Bootcamp." Amber shared with her Twitter followers that she was not pleased about the upcoming holiday weekend.

Her tweets have been deleted, but she made it clear in one that she wanted all photo's of her kids taken down and wished her victim fun with whoever they were with.

Her last threatening tweet told him to "lawyer up" and referenced him as owing her money. Fans should have seen this "Teen Mom OG" drama coming as Amber revealed on the season finale that Matt Baier had drained her bank accounts and now she is revealing her plans to get her money back.

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Portwood's finale tweet claimed Matt was posting videos of himself at someone's house with liquor bottles. It is sad to say that "Teen Mom OG" reality fans have been very untrusting of Matt Baier all along.

Once Amber revealed she had allowed him to move into her home, which she added his name to, and had given him access to her bank accounts, fans expected nothing but the very worse from Matt.

It is now wondered if Amber has finally gotten her wake-up call when it comes to trusting Matt. After all, he did fail a lie detector test about cheating.

Several days ago Amber revealed that she and Matt may still be living together in the same home, but that they were "not together." Matt's intentions have appeared fairly shady since day one.

As previously reported, since beginning his relationship with Amber it was revealed that he had contacted two other "Teen Mom OG" cast members, one being "Farrah" attempting to engage in relationships before finally hooking up with Amber.

Is this the end for Amber Portwood and Matt Baier, or will the two patch things up once again?