Stone Cates is coming back to "General Hospital" this week, but not as you might think. He has been dead for a long time now, but he is returning to pay Sonny Corinthos a visit in his time of need. Sonny asked God to help him and it looks like He listened, He is sending the mobster an angel with a familiar face. Actor Michael Sutton is reprising his iconic soap role this coming week for the second time to help another of his loved ones out.

Welcome back, Stone

Stone died from AIDS in 1995 after he contracted the terrible disease from a former girlfriend.

This is all part of the rich history of "General Hospital." His death rocked Port Charles and left a lasting impression on those who watched it. Sonny Corinthos befriended the kid and took care of him until the very end. Now Stone is returning to help take care of Sonny as he is lying in a pit after being shot by Sam Morgan.

Sonny is bleeding badly by the wound on his thigh. He has been drifting in and out of consciousness trying to stay alive. Stone Cates is expected to appear before Sonny to help him gain the strength to fight when he is about to give up. Stone also paid Robin Scorpio a visit when she was thrown into a pit by Lisa Niles in 2010. Now he is back encouraging his buddy that his family needs him.

Will Sonny survive?

Although it looks bad, "General Hospital" spoilers say that Sonny is expected to survive this ordeal, with a little help from Stone. It is likely that he will give Sonny enough encouragement to keep him from dying down in that pit.

Stone was like a little brother to Sonny and he was devastated when the boy passed away. Stone's romance with Robin Scorpio topped off one of the most noted young couples in "General Hospital's" rich history. Robin became HIV-positive because of it, but she has learned to live with it since then.

Sonny Corinthos is trying to get out of the mob business, but it seems that the business still has its grip on him.

Sam just wanted him to leave her and Jason alone, and in her crazy state of mind, she shot Sonny and pushed him into the storage pit. Garvey, who was also after him, has left him there to die. The mobster can't seem to catch a break at all right now.

Can Sonny really leave the business for good?

Sonny Corinthos has been in the mob pretty much his whole adult life. He is determined to get out to protect his family. After losing Morgan to the car explosion, he doesn't want anything else to happen to his loved ones.

But can he really get out of the mob permanently?

This week on "General Hospital" will have the ghostly appearance of Stone Cates, as well as Sonny's rescue. What will Stone have to say? Also, be sure to watch to see if Sonny rats out Sam as the one who shot him.