stassi schroeder from “Vanderpump Rules” likes to party with her co-stars. Every season, Stassi is more than willing to help throw a party to celebrate something and she's not shy when it comes to drinking alcohol. Even on the previous season of “Vanderpump Rules,” Stassi and her friends planned a trip to the Hamptons and it didn't take long for her to start drinking.

Schroeder doesn't necessarily have a drinking problem, but it sounds like she may want to reconsider the amount of alcohol she's consuming if you ask a fellow Medium. According to a new Bravo report, Stassi Schroeder sat down with Hollywood medium, Tyler Henry, and he hinted that she may be facing some health issues if she keeps drinking the way she is.

Could her medical issue be serious?

The medium revealed that Stassi may have some issues when it comes to her stomach. The abdomen was an area that he kept seeing and he told her this during one of their talks. Tyler later revealed that it was really interesting to see Stassi and Kristen Doute react to the medical information that he was giving them because Stassi probably had no idea that her body didn't take well to alcohol.

Of course, alcohol is a huge part of her role on “Vanderpump Rules”, as many of her co-stars continue to drink and party on a regular basis. Even Stassi’s birthday is an annual event that often includes traveling, drinking and partying.

Reality star joking about losing friendships over cutting alcohol

But one has to wonder how seriously Stassi Schroeder is taking these warnings from the medium.

When Stassi and Kristen were interviewed by the medium, they joked that their friendship may be affected, because she could no longer drink alcohol. And it's interesting to see that Schroeder is asking what types of alcohol she should cut out, even though she meant it as a joke. One has to wonder if she will seriously stop drinking because of what the medium said or has continued to party.

This may be something Schroeder will share on the upcoming season of "Vanderpump Rules," as the show is currently filming and is scheduled to return later this year. "Vanderpump Rules" usually premieres in the fall, alongside "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" starring Stassi's boss, Lisa Vanderpump.

What do you think about Stassi Schroeder possibly having a problem with alcohol?

Do you think that her body can shut down on her if she continues to drink the way she's been drinking?

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