Despite increasing the hopes of fans, Mark Gatiss recently claimed that sherlockSeason 5 might not happen. During a conversation on the UKTV podcast “A Stab In The Dark,” the 50-year-old comedian revealed that their schedules are too tight to do a new installment.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have busy timetables, as do the other stars of the show. He described the making the fifth chapter of the television series as a “nightmare to schedule.”

A new team for the new chapter

The return of “Sherlock” Season 5 has been full of doubts since its previous season ended in January.

However, with a lot of assumptions, Mark Gatiss now talked about the show's future. “It’s not lack of will – it’s a nightmare to schedule,” he said. The novelist explained that the fourth chapter alone was “very, very hard to do."

This was mainly because of Martin Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch, Steven Moffat, and his own busy schedule. In fact, he was just thinking to “just leave it” and not continue at all. He also narrated that even though they got the keys to Baker Street, it was always shared. “They were shared while we were making it,” he added.

Hence, he meant that the television series’ fifth chapter can be continued by somebody else. The English actor disclosed that there is nothing wrong if a new creative will do their own version of “Sherlock.” According to Metro, the final episode of the show’s fourth installment somehow felt like the ending of the series, at least for his team.

The stars’ busy schedule

Moreover, the cast members’ busy schedules have been the problem “Sherlock” has been facing.

After all, the television series is composed of an all-star studded cast. Benedict Cumberbatch alone is now a well-known celebrity. In fact, he just recently signed a contract with Marvel Studios for the “Doctor Strange” movies.

Martin Freeman, on the other hand, is also part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe following his stint as the lead actor of “The Hobbit” trilogy. Lastly, Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat will also be busy doing their own version of “Dracula” on BBC.

Although it seems like “Sherlock” Season 5 is not yet canceled, it might take years before fans will finally see it back again.

Last time, it took three years before the fourth chapter was finally released. And just like what Andrew Scott, who plays the role of Moriarty, said before, it might take another general election before another installment could happen.