Robert Pattinson just revealed juicy details to Howard Stern during his SiriusXM interview on Tuesday. While confessing his engagement to British singer FKA Twigs, he also added that he was almost fired from the “Twilight” movie series.

Robert Pattinson isn’t smiling enough

Robert Pattinson revealed that he refused to look cheerful on the set of “Twilight,” USA Today reported. During his interview with Howard Stern in SiriusXM, Pattinson admitted that he deliberately looked too gloomy while portraying Edward Cullen. While his character should basically look brooding, he may have gotten it too far.

The now 31-year-old actor added that he was just 21 at that time and his concept of a relationship was incredibly serious, Hollywood Life reported. Pattinson thought that barely talking to each other and looking serious all the time make the relationship look more intense. However, everyone was telling him then that a relationship should be happy and fun!

“I remember the producers giving me the copy of the book, and every single instance where my character smiled, they’d highlighted,” Pattinson confided to Stern. However, the “Good Time” star turned the tables on them. To prove his point, he used a different shade to highlight the scenes his character is actually frowning.

As expected, the producers were not so happy with the whole frowning business.

Pattinson’s agent warned Pattinson to do look more joyful or he’ll get canned that same day. He came back after lunch and cheerfully told everyone that he wants to keep his job. That being said, he settled for a little compromise and found the perfect balance for his character. The whole “Twilight” series is now known for its brooding atmosphere, thanks to Edward Cullen.

Robert Pattinson & FKA Twigs

While that tiny bit of detail about Pattinson’s role in “Twilight” was fun, the real status of his engagement with FKA Twigs is a lot juicier to fans. Howard Stern pulled off his tricks and was able to dig out answers from the “Remember Me” actor. On his SiriusXM show on Tuesday, Pattinson confirmed that he’s “kind of” engaged to the British singer.

Pattinson admitted that he’s the secretive type, being careful not to let the wrong people into the relationship. Knowing how his “Twilight” followers get a little crazy, he created a big wall to shield his relationship. While he revealed his relationship status with his fiancé, no wedding details were revealed.

His performance in his latest film titled “Good Time” is dubbed as his best. Check out the trailer below.